Women's Hairstyles: Going from Long to Short

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Women's Hairstyles: Going from Long to Short

Every now and then many women with long hair find themselves admiring short women's hairstyles and get the itch for change. Going from a long hairstyle to a short one can be liberating for some but often such a drastic change can leave a person in shock.

Really Think About It.

Never cut all your long hair off on a whim. Sometimes frustration with your current hairstyle or even simple boredom can give us the urge to order our stylist to “chop it all off!” But often women's hairstyles, especially ones that have been the same for a number of years, can almost act as a security blanket. So before you march into the salon to unload a large portion of your locks give it at least a few days consideration.

Do It in Stages

Women's hairstyles come in a huge variety of styles so chances are if you've got your eye on a short style there's probably a slightly longer version. This can be a great option when going from really long to short as it takes the shock value of loosing such a large amount of hair all at once. This transition cut should be about half way between your current length and your final style.



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