Women's Hairstyles: Top Trends for Spring

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Women's Hairstyles: Top Trends for Spring

The Longer the Better

These days women's hairstyles are softer and easier than ever before. To get this style forget the short, choppy layers and go for longer, flowing ones. The purpose of these long layers is not to make each length obvious but to lend movement to your style. Think Jessica Alba and her barely there layers. Whether the layers are just at the bottom few inches of your long hair or just around the face the latest trend is that when it comes to layers in women's hairstyles less is so much more.

The Curls Have It.

Many woman are sporting some sort of curl. Be it gentle waves or fabulous ringlets, curls are the new celebrity hair accessory. For inspiration on soft waves take your cue from Jennifer Aniston who turned in her poker straight style for flowing, just back from the beach waves. Like a little more curl? Jessica Simpson's long bob with ringlets is a perfect example of curls gone glam.

In With a Bang

It's been a while since we've seen them but we knew they'd be back. Bangs are showing up more and more in women's hairstyles. For a side swept bang that screams sexy take a look at Nicole Ritchie's latest hairstyle. Fuller, thicker bangs, like Jennifer Love Hewitt's, are also very popular. Any bang styles out there to avoid? Don't go short and super wispy as those are rather dated.



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