Women's Hairstyles: The Layered Bob

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Women's Hairstyles: The Layered Bob

Many times people think that a bob hairstyle means one length hair that ends at the chin. But these days there are so many women's hairstyles out there that are actually a varied bob in disguise.

The layered bob is making a huge comeback now that all things medium to long in length with soft layers are trendy. So what's so great about adding layers? Well, for one it gives you options. Having long layers lets you get volume out of your bob with the use of large Velcro rollers or large barrel curling irons.

Versatility is another bonus to this style. With layering around the face you can choose to sweep the hair back from the face for a dramatic night time look. A great example of women's hairstyles that are working this layered bob are Charlize Theron's version and Jessica Alba's new short and retro waved version.



8/1/2006 2:14:08 AM
tina said:

This is so true, I did not know until recently that there was more than one different kind of bob, I went in to have my hair done, when I ask for a bob, she said which kind? I was dumbfounded. This article can be very useful!!!


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