Women's Hairstyles: Housewives Hair Part Two

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Women's Hairstyles: Housewives Hair Part Two

The characters of Susan and Lynette on the television show Desperate Housewives are both portrayed as working mothers but when it comes to their hair their styles are completely opposite. Here women's hairstyles get examined from both sides of the spectrum.

Terri Hatcher's hairstyle as Susan is that of a very low key, easy maintenance one. Since she works from home and has an all over laid back style this is a great match. Her fine, nearly one length hair is slightly wisped on the ends for movement. If women's hairstyles that are a breeze to style are your thing this one is for you. Just add a light volumizing spray and blow dry straight. Skip the hair spray if you can as this style is meant to be carefree. What adds some wow to this style are some well placed and subtle highlights around the face.

For your own version of working mom Lynette's hairstyle go for a bob hairstyle that is layered at the bottom. An extra long bang section that is swept to the side adds flair to women's hairstyles of this type without the extra effort. Felicity Huffman's hairstyle is perfect for those who need to look polished at the office but need to get to that office on time. You can recreate it by simply using a medium hold mousse and blow drying with a round brush. End with a light finishing spray to keep hair in place without being stiff. If you have a little more time in the mornings this style can be turned up a notch up by flipping the ends or using a large barrel curling iron on the ends of your layers for just a little extra body.



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