Women's Hairstyles: A New Trend in Highlights

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Women's Hairstyles: A New Trend in Highlights

Nearly all celebrity women's hairstyles have been enhanced by the application of hair color. A popular trend in coloring hair is a two step process by which an all over base hair color is applied and then accentuated with baliage highlights. Baliage, a term used for painting highlights onto the hair, is sought after by celebrities not only for its intense, contrast-y look but because it looks more natural when growing out.

So what combinations are the hottest for coloring women's hairstyles?

For brunettes: Rich chestnut browns as a base with light caramel highlights in the crown area and at the hairline. This brightens up the hair and give more color to the face and eyes. Think Jennifer Lopez's hair color for a great example of this technique.

For Blondes: Blonde women's hairstyles can have that summer look without the sun damage by having their base colored a honey blonde and slightly lighter, sun kissed type highlights for contrast. Think Jessica Simpson's hair color.



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