Women's Hairstyles: Loose Waves for Fine Hair

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Women's Hairstyles: Loose Waves for Fine Hair

Those with fine hair often worry that women's hairstyles that they see aren't possible for their limp locks. Not true. With the help of the right cut and the right hair products you can learn to make the most of your fine hair.

A great medium length women's hairstyle is Laura Prepon's from That ‘70s Show. Her hairstyle flows to just below the shoulders giving it enough length to play with but not so long that it's unmanageable. Lightly razored layers at the end lighten up the top portion of her hair making it easier to achieve some soft volume.

To style a women's hairstyle such as this one, simply work some texturizing gel into damp hair and blow dry. Take random sections of your hair and twirl them with a large round brush. This will give the hair extra bounce without looking too structured.



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