Prom Hairstyles: Understated Chic

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Prom Hairstyles: Understated Chic

Prom hairstyles that don't rely on a lot of volume for effect can make a stunning impact. For this type of style try having long hair put in a low lying bun at the nape of your neck.

This type of prom hairstyle, like the one Jessica Alba has worn, has the hair backcombed and then pulled loosely back to the nape of the neck, making sure to leave a little volume on top. Next the hair is placed in a slightly off center bun by putting the hair in a pony tail and then wrapping the entire length around the base of the pony tail, pinning with bobby pins as you wrap.

If you have bangs, set in a large Velcro roller just to give a little volume and bend. Just don't overdo the bangs by making them too big. Think understated here.

Home or Salon Style- This could be done at home, but you'll need the help of a friend to pin the bun properly.



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