Formal Hairstyles: Halle's Halo of Ringlets

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Formal Hairstyles: Halle's Halo of Ringlets

An elegant formal hairstyle for medium to long hair is a version that celebrity Halle Berry wore. For this style small sections of hair are either curled with a small barrel curling iron or your stylist may use long plastic tubes called spiral perm rods.

If the perm rod method is used for this formal hairstyle each section of hair is misted with a spray gel and wrapped in a spiral pattern onto the rod. The hair is then dried and unwrapped once the rods cool for a few minutes. Coat spiral curls with a thin layer of styling wax to smooth frizz and give shine. The hair is then brushed back off the face and up off the nape of the neck. This style required many, may bobby pins to secure. A cheater method, if doing this style at home, is to put the hair in a very loose pony tail (don't wrap the elastic around the hair more than twice) and then pin the elastic to the head.

Continue this formal hairstyle by taking medium sections and randomly twisting them and pinning them to the head so they create a “cushion” of curls at the back of your head.
Once you have the style as you want it mist with hair spray.

For the curling iron version of this formal hairstyle curl the entire head of hair, small sections at a time, in a spiral pattern on the barrel. Always start at the bottom of the curling iron's barrel and wind it up the shaft, making sure to get the very ends in to avoid that kinked “fish hook” look at the ends. Once all the hair is curled style as described above.

Home or Salon Style- This one, while not technically difficult, can be extremely time consuming. If you need to do your own formal hairstyle get a friend and two curling irons. Have the friend curl the back while you curl the sides and both work at pinning the style. Honestly though, enlisting a professional on your big day will save major time.



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