Formal Hairstyles: Terri Hatcher's Natural Waves

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Formal Hairstyles: Terri Hatcher's Natural Waves

For hair that is naturally wavy Teri Hatcher's Emmy hair is a perfect formal hairstyle. Its natural, swept back style will look glamorous on anyone.

This type of formal hairstyle has naturally wavy hair misted with a volumizing spray and scrunched dry. If you don't have natural waves you can set your hair in Velcro rollers to achieve the waves nature didn't give you.

Large sections of the hair, starting from the front, are loosely twisted back and the hair is pinned into a bun. The trick to this style is not to make it neat or smooth but to show off the waves in your hair to keep this formal hairstyle from looking too stiff or severe.

Home or Salon Style- This formal hairstyle should be done at a salon. It may not sound terribly technical but getting that casual look can be tougher than it sounds.



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