Homecoming Hairstyles: Letting Your Hair Down

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Homecoming Hairstyles: Letting Your Hair Down

Homecoming hairstyles don't always mean you need to wear your hair pinned up. Think Marcia Cross and her flowing mane of bright auburn waves.

For this long hair homecoming hairstyle mist slightly damp hair with a volumizing spray or anti-frizz styling cream if your have natural wave in your hair. Remember not to do this on freshly washed hair so the curl will hold better.
Next part hair in the middle back to the crown of your head but leave the hair right at the crown combed back for more volume there. Blow dry hair upside down for maximum volume if you have straight hair or with a large round brush if your hair has any curl to it.

Lastly, use a large barrel curling iron to spiral large sections of hair into loose curls. Don't curl all the way to the roots on top—keep this part flatter to avoid a round look. To keep the curls in this homecoming hairstyle defined coat fingers with a styling wax and finger comb out curls to blend them. Set with hair spray.

Home or Salon Style: This homecoming hairstyle can be done at home.



8/28/2006 2:48:54 AM
megan said:

adorable. Seriously, when I tried it, it worked amazingly.


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