Long Curly and Wavy Hairstyles

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Long Curly and Wavy Hairstyles

Everywhere you look these days celebrities are sporting long, beautiful waves. Here are a few examples of how long and curly or wavy hairstyles can be worn.

The loose, wavy hairstyles, such as the one Kate Hudson has, relies on long layers to show off her soft waves. The length is well past the shoulders and the long, side swooped bang adds allure. Use a volumizing mousse or spray gel and either let air dry for a daytime look or use a diffuser and scrunch waves into place.

Teri Hatcher's picture perfect wavy hairstyle is achieved by setting one length hair on medium sized Velcro rollers. Mist damp hair with spray gel and set with rollers and either let air dry or use your blow drier to speed things up. Once the hair is dry apply pomade to your hands and gently finger comb your hair to separate the waves. Finish off with a light hair spray.

For a bigger, curly hairstyle such as Penelope Cruz's full locks use a curl booster on damp hair and diffuse dry. Flip your head upside down for the last few minutes of drying and scrunch curls to lock them in. Touch up curls with a curling iron if necessary and mist with hairspray to finish.



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