Long Hairstyles: Growing Your Hair Out

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Long Hairstyles: Growing Your Hair Out

With long hairstyles being so prevalent these days many women are finding themselves in a “grow out” situation with their hair. While this process can tempt you to start pulling out your hair in frustration if you follow a couple of simple rules it can be a fairly painless process.

Growing out your layers: If your starting point is a short, layered cut and your goal is a slightly layered or one length long hairstyle it's best to sacrifice some hair length. Keeping your length trimmed, or even giving up a few inches in the beginning, will help your short layers appear longer and enable them to catch up. This process will also keep your hairstyle looking more polished during the “grow out” period.

Alternately, if you just can't bring yourself to give up any hair length you've gained try playing with different layering effects. Many long hairstyles these days are relying on layering to add body and movement so go ahead and add some layers around the face and let any short layers you have grow out slowly. To keep long hairstyles looking current enlist the help of a large barrel curling iron or Velcro rollers for some soft body once your layers get long enough.



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