Updo Hairstyles: The Faux Mohawk

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Updo Hairstyles: The Faux Mohawk

You're not alone if you're first though of Mohawk updo hairstyles is “What?!” Yet celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Paris Hilton have taken this “Mr. T” hairstyle and adapted it for a glamorous evening look.

To get this updo hairstyle add a volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow dry hair back off the face. If you have wavy hair scrunch the curl in and if your hair is straight use a large curling iron or rollers to add a little bend to your hair.

Now tease the hair on top to achieve volume. Once that is done take bobby pins and pin up the sides, starting at the front and working to the nape of the neck, until you have a Mohawk effect. Finish with a firm holding hair spray.



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