New Hairstyles: In With a Bang

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New Hairstyles: In With a Bang

Bangs are big right now but not just any bang will do. New hairstyles that are sporting a fringe are doing so in a side-swept manner.

This easy addition to new hairstyles keeps the style looking laid back and casual. To make the most of your swept bangs part your hair on the side and keep bangs at least eyebrow length. When drying your hair use a vent brush and gently coax and smooth your bangs to the side. If they tend to want to migrate back to the middle mist with some hairspray but try not to overdo it. Side-swept bangs work best when they can be casually flicked with a finger so make sure they can still move at least a little.



8/12/2006 12:26:24 PM
ashley said:

this is a gr8t tip! i have used it and it works well!!! i advised everyone w/side bangs to read this

12/7/2007 4:49:44 PM
Jasmine said:

It sounds like it works AWESOME! i will be getting bangs soon and i will definitly use this


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