Medium Hairstyles

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Medium Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles are a great length for those who want to avoid the styling constraints of short hair but don't want to have to put in the time to style long hair.

Rebecca Budig's medium length hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds. This medium hairstyle sits just above the shoulders and is layered via a razor cut just at the ends. This light layering allows for a fun flip at the bottom which adds extra interest to the standard bob.

Medium hairstyles such as this one are a breeze to style. Simply apply a styling cream to damp hair and blow dry with a vent brush. Start at the roots and angle the blow drier down for smoothness. Once you get to the ends of the hair wrap the very ends around the brush and dry from underneath to create the flip effect. Use a small misting of hairspray to hold the ends if necessary.



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