Straight Hairstyles

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Straight Hairstyles

To achieve the sleek, straight hairstyles that are so popular these days it helps to have the right cut, hair products and styling tools.

For those with naturally straight hair most styling problems are solved for you. With this type of hair you can go either one length, or slightly layered and sport either medium or long hair. For those who have naturally wavy hair you will want to avoid layers whenever possible and have as much length as you can. Extra length in wavy hair acts as its own straightening tool and will help keep any waves to a minimum. Adding layers to wavy hair will just accentuate the waves so try to avoid them.

Straightening balms are a straight hairstyle's best friend. Even for naturally straight hair, but especially for wavy hair, a straightening balm with a silicone additive will help smooth the hair and keep fly away hair at bay.

Using a vent brush with a metal paddle and a blow drier with a nozzle attachment will aid in getting your hair as sleek as possible during the drying process. The straighter you can get your hair while drying the less you'll have to use high heat tools such as flat irons which can dry out the hair if overused. Do enlist the help of a flat iron, though, for the final step as they put the finishing touch on super sleek, straight hairstyles. Just don't rely on them to do all the work for you.



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