Anne Hathaway's Gorgeous Grecian Braids

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Can you suggest an updo that a celebrity has worn that would work for a formal event I have coming up?

Anne Hathaway's Gorgeous Grecian Braids

For a stunning and unique updo for your next big event try going Greek. Anne Hathaway's hairstyle for the Golden Globes showcased small braided sections of hair interwoven amongst a low lying bun-type up-sweep.

To get Anne Hathaway's hairstyle you'll want to make an appointment with a stylist, as this type of updo is best left to the professionals. This type of style works best on medium to long hair and bangs can be swept to the side or held back with a discreet head band like Anne Hathaway used.

This hairstyle involves taking small sections of hair and sweeping them back off the face. These pieces are then braided. Next, the stylist will create the back portion of the updo by twisting and weaving pieces of your hair's length and pinning them together into a textured bun. Now the braided pieces are joined with the bun and pinned to the surface to re-create that Grecian look. Finish off this Anne Hathaway hairstyle with a light misting of hair spray for hold.



10/27/2007 1:27:40 PM
Alicia Manez said:

I think this is great! I planned on going to the prom in a Grecian style dress. I just may try this!

1/20/2009 7:20:29 AM
laura said:

why is there no picture!!!


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