Women's Short Hairstyles: Alyssa Milano and Winona Rider's Hairstyles

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What are some new short hairstyles for women?

Women's Short Hairstyles: Alyssa Milano and Winona Rider's Hairstyles

For those wanting to try women's short hairstyles why not try going short? Short hairstyles are making a comeback on the heels of long and wavy hair. Alyssa Milano's cropped pixie cut is a great example of taking it all off.

To recreate Alyssa Milano's hairstyle have your hair cut into a pixie cut with lots of texture and layers. Having your hair cut with a razor will allow your hair lots of movement and options of messy or sleek styling. To get the textured look when styling simply add some hair gel or styling cream to damp hair and blow dry while tousling your hair with your fingers. Finish off with a dab of pomade and separate pieces for a defined, but too neat, look.

Not ready for a women's short hairstyle that's so short? Try your own version of the new Winona Ryder hairstyle. This bob hairstyle features layers that show off her naturally wavy hair. The layers remain longer in the back and gradually get shorter in the front to show off the curl. Winona Ryder's hairstyle has no bangs but you could add some if you prefer. To style this look apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and scrunch hair as you blow dry on a low setting.



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