Trendsetting Hair: Madonna's Hairstyles

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I love Madonna's hair. How can I get my hair to look like hers?

Trendsetting Hair: Madonna's Hairstyles

Madonna has been setting hair and fashion trends since the ‘80s. These days, Madonna's hairstyle with its 1970s inspired flip is a perfect choice for those who want soft curls and cutting edge style.

This hairstyle works best on medium to thick hair that is shoulder length or slightly longer. The hair is layered around the face to create the flip. Using a volumizing mousse or a styling cream on damp hair, blow dry hair with a round brush. The key to Madonna's hairstyle is to keep the top of your hair sleek, with most of the volume at the ends. A middle part looks best for this style but a side part can also be used.

When your hair is completely dry use a large barreled curling iron to curl the ends of your hair into soft waves. Remember to curl the sides of the hair back to create that gorgeous flip. Finger comb your large curls into place and mist with a light hold hair spray to finish off your version of Madonna's hairstyle.



7/6/2007 10:03:49 AM
Tori said:

This hair style would be really easy for me to do. I've always loved Madonna's hair.


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