Glamorous Homecoming Hairstyles: Take Your Cue From Fabulous Red Carpet Hairstyles

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I’ve been looking for a homecoming hairstyle but all the ones I find are these dreadful updos that look old fashioned. Do you have any suggestions on hairstyles that are suitable for homecoming but aren’t so stiff looking?

Glamorous Homecoming Hairstyles: Take Your Cue From Fabulous Red Carpet Hairstyles

Gone are the days of bee-hives for homecoming hairstyles. Women today want their homecoming hair to look glamorous, but without the stiff hairstyles of the past. To find homecoming hairstyles that are modern and trendy, try looking at some of the red carpet hairstyles that celebrities are sporting right now.

Homecoming hairstyles for wavy or curly hair can be particularly hard to find as many of today's styles show off straight hair. To glam up your curls, try one of Jessica Simpson's red carpet hairstyles that show off her sultry and sophisticated curls to the max. To begin creating this hairstyle, apply mousse to damp hair, part your hair to the side and scrunch your hair into soft waves or curls. Allow your hair to air dry completely for best results. If you're in a hurry, allow your hair to air dry half way and finish off with a diffuser.

Once hair is dry, use a medium-sized curling iron to touch up your curls and smooth them out. Take a small section and wrap them around the barrel of your curling iron in a spiral wrap up to approximately forehead level. Let the roots of your hair stay straighter to avoid too much “pouf” on top. Finish off by using a light styling wax to define your curls and mist with a light hold hair spray. These types of homecoming hairstyles are both easy to do yourself and look amazing — just like those red carpet hairstyles.



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