The Many Colors of Lindsay Lohan's Hairstyles

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I love Lindsay Lohan’s hair, especially the color changes she does. Can you give any tips on how to get some of her hair colors?

The Many Colors of Lindsay Lohan's Hairstyles

When it comes to hair color chameleons, Lindsay Lohan's hairstyles are certainly ranked at the top. She has appeared with hair colors ranging from deep chocolate brown to light blondes. The key to hair color success is choosing shades that work with your skin tone. Since Lindsay is naturally very light in skin tone (with freckles), she needs warmer colors to avoid looking washed out.

If you have a similiar skin tone and want to go dark with your hair color, be sure to use a warm color. Lindsay Lohan's dark brown hairstyles always have a subtle undertone of red to them. This helps warm up her pale complexion. Try dark to medium red or golden browns for the best results.

Lindsay Lohan's hairstyles are best known for their reds. Lindsay puts her best hair color forward when she chooses light to medium auburn colors. These colors are close to her natural hair color and work wonders with her skin tones. Those with any natural red to their own hair color will do well with an auburn shade — as long as it's not too dark. Avoid extremely vivid reds as they tend to make you look pale.

Lindsay also knows how to have fun as a blonde. The trick to choosing the right blonde is to avoid going too pale or too gold. Lindsay Lohan has been a light beige blonde that had warm undertones to it. Going platinum will wash out a pale complexion, but that added bit of warmth will do wonders. Look for any blondes that are light golden or beige in tone for the best results.



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