Curls Are Prominent In This Season's Latest Hairstyles

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What are the most popular hairstyles right now?

Curls Are Prominent In This Season's Latest Hairstyles

The days of stick straight hair are so over. Waves and curls are taking the lead in this season's latest hairstyles. Everyone from Sheryl Crow to Christina Aguilera are sporting fabulous curls of all shapes and sizes. Those with thicker hair, such as American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee, can achieve curl bliss by using volumizing hair products on damp hair and blow drying the hair upside down. Use a large barreled curling iron to spiral the hair from the chin down. Use pomade to increase the shine and texture of the curls.

Those with medium texture hair, like CSI: Miami's Emily Procter, can instantly create the latest hairstyles with a set of hot rollers. Wrap dry hair in medium-sized hot rollers and allow the rollers to cool. Remove the rollers and finger comb waves into place. Finish off with a light hold hairspray to keep those waves fresh.

Fine hair can also get in on the action. Anne Heche creates tousled waves with a curling iron. Apply a lightweight styling product to damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush. Use a medium to large curling iron to create waves in the bottom two thirds of the hair. Flip head upside down and spray roots with a light hold hairspray to create volume and finger comb waves into place.



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