Pretty Prom Ponytails

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How can I get a sexy ponytail like Kiera Knightley?

Pretty Prom Ponytails

Are you looking for a classic, yet simple look for your long hair for prom this year? Why not try an elegant version of the ponytail?

To get a sophisticated ponytail like Kiera Knightley's Oscar look, first set hair on hot rollers or use a large barrel curling iron all over. Then section hair into 3 areas: back, crown and bangs. Secure the back into a ponytail with a non-damaging elastic. Next, to give a little fullness on top, tease the underside of the crown and then smooth the top over. If you aren't getting the fullness you like, use a little hairspray, which will cause the hair to tease more easily. Bring this section back and use a second elastic or pins to attach it to the ponytail. This way the weight of your ponytail won't ruin the lift you've accomplished up front. Take some hair and wrap the ponytail so the elastic doesn't show, then pin the ends under. Pinning is quicker and easier than trying to run the hair through the ponytail and won't ruin your hard work. Finally, for a little sexy curl, use a 1" iron on your bangs. Add some shine enhancing hairspray if needed and you are ready for a night to remember.



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