Relax, With A Little Body

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What is a pretty updo for relaxed black hair?

Relax, With A Little Body

For long, relaxed hair, a gorgeous updo like Tyra Bank's 2006 Emmy look is the perfect thing to make you a red carpet standout. Take some advice though, and enlist some help as this is not a updo for the faint-of-heart to attempt alone. Take your time and use top quality products to achieve this stunning style.

First, use some straightening serum to get your relaxed hair as straight as possible, followed by a flat iron, to make it even straighter. Then, take some molding crème and run it thorough the hair, especially around your face. Tyra's beautiful side wave is achieved by sectioning out hair in the front and using a comb and your hands, create the wave ending in a twisting motion that brings the wave back across the back of the head and into the bun.

Tyra's bun is created by using a foam filler, which adds bulk and guides the shape of the bun. Take your hair out from the scalp and wrap the ends around the filler. You will want to hold the filler about forty-five degrees from the back of your head as you start to wrap, so the bun will end in the right place. Wrap in toward your head, making sure the hair completely conceals the filler. Once the bun is in place use pins to hold it all together. Finish with lots of shine enhancing hair spray.



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