Get an Ornate Updo Like Jessica Alba's 2006 Oscar Look

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How can I get an updo with a real WOW factor?

Get an Ornate Updo Like Jessica Alba's 2006 Oscar Look

If you are looking for your hair to cause more commotion than your dress, channel Jessica Alba with this beautifully ornate updo. You will want to enlist help, simply because there are a lot of steps to this style. It will be worth it though, because your head is sure to their turn heads, as you'll have people asking, "How did you do that?"

You will need lots of bobby pins, "hair jewels" and dry hair that is at least shoulder length. If you've got a little styling product residue left in your hair from the day before, don't wash it as hair that has just been washed never styles as easily as hair with a day's worth of product in it.

Brush your hair and either set on large hot rollers or use a large barrel curling iron all over. Next, pull the front top and sides of the hair out, and section the back into several small sections. Using a curling iron, make a curl out of each section, then looping and pinning the sections to the head right at the scalp. Do the sections one at a time. This will work best if you start at the bottom and work your way up. If you find that you have difficulty getting the curls to behave, spray the hair with a little hairspray before using the curling iron which will cause your hair to take and hold the curls better.

Once all the center sections have been curled and pinned (careful not to let any pins show!) take the sides and twist them in toward the mass of curls in the back of your head, pinning and tucking the ends under as you go. Then take the front top section and part it into smaller 1-2" sections. Spray each section with hairspray and use a large barrel curling iron on each section. Guide each of these new curls back over your hair and away from your face. Once you have the hair just as you like, spray heavily with shine enhancing hairspray. Finally, add your "hair jewels" for that perfect finishing touch.

Note: Don't add hair jewels before the hairspray. The same spray that holds your beautiful look and makes it shine will dull your pretty jewels and may cause damage to some of the more delicate ones.



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