How to Get Jessica Simpson's Wedding Hair

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How can I get Jessica Simpson's wedding hair?

How to Get Jessica Simpson's Wedding Hair

Think Jessica Simpson's wedding style is perfect for your big day? Then follow these steps for beautiful wedding hair.

First, add some volumizing product to damp hair and blow dry upside down. Roll large sections of the hair onto large hot rollers and let cool. Then add some molding/piecing product to your hands and rub them together to soften. Spread the molding product throughout the hair. If you need additional height in the front, tease the hair underneath at the crown, then smooth over the top.

To achieve the parts in the back, spray a little hair spray onto a comb, then run the comb trough the hair at 1-3 inch intervals, causing it to split into separate areas. Next, take four sections out of the front. Jessica wore a center part; to emulate her style take two small sections to the front and two slightly bigger sections behind those. Take the two slightly bigger sections and one at a time spray them, then guide them to the back of your head. Pin them in the back with beautiful combs or barrettes like Jessica's. Once the hair has been pinned, take a 1" barrel curling iron and some hair spray and refresh any curls that are not just as you like. Before adding your veil, take the two front most sections, spray and curl with the 1" curling iron. Spray all over with shine enhancing hairspray. Finally, add the veil. Jessica's veil was worn toward the back of her crown.

Note: to remove your veil without ruining your hair, hold the hair firmly right next to the combs and pull gently. Keep some spray gloss handy. If the veil won't come loose easily, a shot of spray gloss will soften the spray enough to let go of the veil, without damaging your style.

Remember, you will need to do a trial run with this style to determine how much hair should be brought back and how well this style works with your veil. Never determine a wedding hairstyle without trying it with your veil. You don't want your wedding day to come and then find out the style you've chosen works great with Jessica's veil, but doesn't look that good with yours.



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