Justin Timberlake's Grown-Up Style

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How can I get my curly hair under control?

Justin Timberlake's Grown-Up Style

Ah, Justin Timberlake! From Mickey Mouse Club to A-list celebrity, he's the one we've all been watching. We may have thought he was growing up slowly in front of our eyes; but when Justin Timberlake cut off his allover curls, he turned from boy to man overnight. Timberlake maintained the adorable curls right up to the release of his first solo album. The "curly-top" look was part of his N-Sync persona, and a complementary style to everyone else in the group. But when it was time to prove his talents solo, it was also time to shed the boyish look and take on a more adult, no-nonsense style.

If you have naturally curly hair, you can get a look like Justin's. Justin's hair is clipper cut short on the sides and in the back, and scissor cut a little longer on top. A good stylist will be able to cut your hair so it is short enough that it stays under control between cuts. On top, Justin often has blond highlights added to his light brown curls.

To keep your hair looking great between visits to the stylist, you will want to use products that work with and not against the curls on top. Try a line designed for curly hair like L'Oreal's Studio Line, which has products designed to work together from shampoo from finish. After washing, use a little mousse or styling spritz to keep the curls together. Don't forget to get your hair trimmed on a regular schedule. Besides maintaining the look, it will ensure you are regularly eliminating split ends, which can easily ruin the look of any curly style.



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