From Dreads to 'Fro's -- The Looks of Lenny Kravitz

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How can I take advantage of my thick, coarse hair?

From Dreads to 'Fro's -- The Looks of Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz makes beautiful music; but if he couldn't play a lick his constantly changing looks would still give us something to talk about. From the long to the short of it, here's how you can get your favorite Kravitz look.

Long Dreadlocks --thick, coarse hair that is at least past the shoulders can handle this style. If your hair is the right texture but just a little short, you can get extensions as well. There are various ways of making dreadlocks, but this is one of the easiest. Wash your hair and let it air dry. Then section off your hair. The bigger the dreads you want the bigger the sections. Starting at the base of your skull and working up and forward, make the dreads one at a time by rolling the hair back and forth between your palms. You can also work extensions into your own hair in this manner as well, just make sure you have allowed enough hair for the extensions and your hair to get a firm lock on one another. Once the dread-lock is well formed, put a little product, like dread wax on your palms and work it in. Only use a little wax at a time. This will eliminate any frizz left over and condition your hair. Once your dreadlocks are in place, take care of them by using hair products specially made for this style. One line that comes highly recommended is Dread Head.

Afro --Lenny tends to let his big afro show the natural growth of his hair. If it's longer in one place than another that's all right, as long as it's not too crazy. To take care of a look like this, all you need is thick coarse hair, a pic to comb it and get it in place, and products designed to take care of your hair. The StaSofFro products come highly recommended. If you want your hair to grow, be gentle with it and make sure it stays well conditioned. If you aren't quite as adventurous with your "fro" as Lenny, see your barber, who can give you a nice trim that not only evens out the length, but cuts off any split ends.

Shorter Dreadlocks --the steps for getting locks like these are similar to long dreadlocks. Just know extensions are harder to add to short hair. You will need some hair to start with no matter what, but if you are set on dreads in a hurry, see a stylist who is experienced in extensions. She will be able to give you ideas and options for getting this look faster.

The Short and Spiky Afro --to get an afro like this, see your stylist to cut the hair shorter in the back, and possibly thin out the top and side sections. The thinning will cause the remaining long hair to spike up between the shorter sections. Use molding mud, just a little at a time, to help shape and give the hair the look you want.



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