Leonardo DiCaprio's Versatile Bowl Cut

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What men's haircut is really versatile?

Leonardo DiCaprio's Versatile Bowl Cut

While he has had many hairstyles over the years, Leonardo DiCaprio will always be remembered for the adorable boyish charm of the bowl cut worn in his first mega-hit, Titanic. Since then he has come back to this style many times. It can be swept straight back, worn short and parted down the middle or slicked to the side with a little gel. When one needs to be many different people as actors do, a slightly longer bowl cut makes a great stand-by. It also looks great as it is growing out, which adds to the versatility.

To make this cut work as well for you as it does for Leo, you will need thick, straight to slightly wavy hair. Your barber or cosmetologist will know this cut well. You just need to decide how much hair you want to maintain on top and whether you want to blunt cut the ends of the "bowl" or have them slightly tapered. Not too much blending though, or you won't have a bowl cut at all and you will loose that versatility. In the back and a little on the sides, they will clipper cut your hair, which helps to make this an easy-care style. To maintain the look, make sure you use products designed for your type of hair and get regular trims to hold the style and eliminate split ends.



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