Ty Pennington's Spiky Style

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Can I get my fine hair to spike up?

Ty Pennington's Spiky Style

Ty Pennington represents a new kind of home improvement guru. He proves you don't need a beard (or a bearded sidekick) to bring home improvement tips and inspiration to the masses. He's young, fit, and has a cool, spiky head of hair. If you want to get Ty's spiky look all you need is straight to wavy hair. Thanks to modern products, thick or thin, coarse or fine, you can probably get your hair to stand on end too.

For hair like Ty's, have your barber or cosmetologist cut your hair a little shorter on the sides and leave enough to spike it on top. Then use a spiking product like Got 2b Glued to spike the hair up. You can use a comb and blow dryer on low setting if your want to have perfect control over your spikes, or you can just grab the hair in bunches and pull it up into a spiky look. To get the most height out of your spikes, remember to work against the way your hair naturally falls.

To keep your hair healthy, remember brushing hair with heavy products in it can cause the hair to break. Wet your hair down before trying to work with it again. This will soften the products and reduce breakage. Also, keep a bottle of Neutrogena shampoo handy. Washing your hair for a week with this shampoo is known to strip out old product residue. When you aren't wanting to be spiked you'll appreciate how truly clean hair feels.



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