Ashlee Simpson's Braid

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How can I keep my long hair out of my face?

Ashlee Simpson's Braid

Ashlee Simpson has been photographed recently out and about with her long hair in braids. This time tested style is perfect for keeping hair off the face. Braids are also versatile; they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Braids can be a gorgeous hairstyle on the right person. For Ashlee, braids show off her face, drawing the attention off of her hair and putting it squarely on her pretty complexion and big eyes. Before wearing this style out, you will want to make sure it flatters your head. Also remember, don't try this look in the middle of a breakout or other complexion crisis.

For a beautiful French braid, brush your hair straight back from your face, or like Ashlee, brush it from a diagonal across the crown of your head. To form the braid, section off a small area at the very front of the hair and split it in three. Then cross the sections one at a time. For an underhand braid like Ashlee's (one that shows the body of the braid), cross the sections by passing them under one another. For a traditional French braid, pass the hair over itself (so the body of the braid is hidden). Next, take a little more hair in each section every time as you pass it under. The hair will create a beautiful French braid. Keep in mind, you will probably have to smooth the hair from time to time as you are braiding, so keep a comb nearby.

As you finish, you will run out of hair. Keep braiding to the end of the hair. Then, you can leave this long braid loose, or you can pin it up and out of the way with some bobby pins. To finish off the style, spray all over with shine enhancing spray to keep the hair in place.



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