Looking Younger with Younger Looking Hair

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Should I cut my hair to look younger?

Looking Younger with Younger Looking Hair

If you are looking around and noticing that your friends are suddenly looking older than you want to look, take a look at their hair. Is it shorter than it used to be? It tends to be the trend with women to cut our hair shorter as we age. Maybe we do this simply because at that age we want a no nonsense look that is quick and easy. But take a good look. Doesn't this inclination toward short hair also carry with it the tendency to show our age?

Take a look at Hollywood's modern 40-somethings. Notice anything about their look? What you should notice is the fact that the youngest looking of them often have beautiful long hair that puts many of the younger set's tresses to shame. Just look at Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives. Their long healthy long hair takes years off their look. Do you need even more convincing? Then take a look at the seemingly ageless likes of Jayne Seymour and Sophia Lauren. What do you see? Long beautiful hair.

You can fend off the hands of time a little too by growing out your hair. Try to get it to grow past your shoulders at the least. If you find that it is thinner than it once was, clip-in extensions can add volume without damaging the hair you have. If you find pesky gray hairs, see your colorist for regular visits or try one of the new home treatments for covering gray. Products that simply cover gray are less damaging and last through anywhere from 6-20 or more washes.



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