Jennifer Aniston's Classic Bob

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How can I get a medium length style similar to Jennifer Aniston's?

Jennifer Aniston's Classic Bob

Jennifer Aniston is known for having gorgeous, straight hair with great body. When Jennifer's hair isn't really short but isn't really long, you will often find her in a pretty bob that comes just past her shoulders.

To get this look, you will need to have hair that is at least shoulder length. Have your cosmetologist blunt cut your hair evenly across. One thing you never see on Jennifer is bangs, so if you have them grow them out. Hair is generally more versatile without them anyway.

To style your hair like Ms. Aniston:

1) Add a little volumizing gel to the roots of damp hair and blow dry upside down using a Denman brush. The gel will give you added volume at the roots, while the brush helps to straighten hair as it dries.

2) Once your hair is fully dry, take a quality flat iron, like a Sedu, and run it through your hair from roots to tips. Be careful to only do a small section of hair at a time as using too large a section will be much less effective and will cause you to have to make more passes than necessary. Using smaller sections ensures you only have to go over the hair once. Keep the iron moving; holding it in one place will cause unnecessary damage to your hair.

3) Put a little glossing serum, like Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Work the serum into dry hair. Be careful to only use a little as overdoing it will make your hair look greasy. A drop about the size of a nickel in your palm should be enough for shoulder length hair. This will add sheen and keep frizz at bay.

4) Comb hair gently into place. You may part it either at the center or to the side, as Jennifer is known for doing both.

Keep in mind, Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles always look polished. Split ends can ruin a great style. To maintain a great look like hers, get to the salon at least every six to eight weeks for a trim.



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