Ashley Judd's Medium Length Retro Look

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What is a retro look I can use on medium length hair?

Ashley Judd's Medium Length Retro Look

Ashley Judd has been seen out and about in a gorgeous retro 40s look that recalls Hollywood's glamour days. If your hair is about shoulder length and not overly layered, you can get this look too. Just follow these simple tips.

1) Wash your hair, then run setting lotion throughout.

2) Comb your hair flat to your head with a part far off on one side, then force "finger waves" across your scalp from just below the crown to just below the tops of your ears. Finger waves are created by holding the hair to the head and moving the hair back and forth in "waves" with a comb. If need be, recruit an assistant to help you.

3) Set the hair that falls below the finger waves on medium size magnetic rollers. Set vertically for a look like Ashley's, with the front rollers coming toward the face. If you like more of a pageboy set under. For a flip, use large rollers instead and set the rollers so they roll up to the outside.

4) Next, either cover with a scarf and let hair dry naturally (best if you have time) or sit under a bonnet dryer.

5) Once you are certain your hair is completely dry, take the rollers out and gently comb through your hair from the part down, breaking up any setting lotion that remains.

6) Because your hair was against your head while it dried, you will need to add height at the crown. Take a section of hair about an inch wide from the part and push it to the side. Then tease the hair at the crown. If your hair doesn't tease easily, a little hairspray will help. Once you have enough backcombing to give a little lift on top, take the section you put to the side and smooth it over the teased area.

7) With the long end of a rat tail comb, gently work any out of place hair back into place. Fluff your curls from underneath with your fingers.

8) Finish it off with some shine enhancing hairspray to add sheen and keep it in place.

Feel free to use pretty barrettes on one or both sides to pull your hair up behind your ears. Ms. Judd often wears her hair like this and it brings a glamorous, yet innocent look to her style.



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