Nicole Richie's Modern Bob

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What is a good look now that I an ready to cut off my long hair?

Nicole Richie's Modern Bob

When Nicole Richie cut off her long hair after "The Simple Life 3," her look went from trashy to classy almost overnight. The pretty cut brought with it an air of maturity not formerly seen on the starlet and helped her to become more relatable to many people not in the 12-21 crowd.

To get a look like Nicole's, have your cosmetologist cut your hair into an above the shoulders bob. In the front, have some long, slightly angled bangs cut in. Your bangs should actually be long enough that if pulled straight down they fall to your cheekbones in the front. This length of bangs actually brings with it some versatility, as bangs this long can be pulled back out of the face into high ponytails or French braids.

To style your hair like Nicole, first you need to think about the amount of volume your hair naturally has. If you have plenty of body naturally, wash and condition your hair, then run a fair amount of frizz reducing mousse, like John Frieda's Frizz Ease through the hair. Follow by blow drying with a Denman brush which will pull your hair straight. If your hair could use some help in the volume department, apply some volumizing gel to the roots of your hair and blow dry upside down using a Denman or vent brush. This will add volume while helping pull the hair straight.

When the hair is dry, use a high quality flat iron, like a Sedu, to pull it straight, turning under slightly at the ends. Remember not to put too much hair in the iron at once, as you will have better results running small sections of hair through the iron once rather than large sections again and again. Keep the iron moving as well; holding it on one area of the hair for too long will cause unnecessary damage. For the bangs, Nicole's are swept gently to the side. Run the flat iron through this section of hair and use your wrist to create a gentle, almost feathered, "flip" on the ends. Once your hair is just as you like it, you may either run a little (think sweet pea size) shine serum, like John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum through it, or lightly mist with shine enhancing hairspray to add sheen and keep it in place.



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