Katie Couric's No Nonsense Style

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What is a good no nonsense style for short hair?

Katie Couric's No Nonsense Style

An anchorwoman like Katie Couric needs a no nonsense look that says she is down to business in every way. Her trademark honey blond tresses are kept in an easy to care for style that reflects the serious nature of her position as an icon of national news. Katie has her medium textured hair cut into an easy shoulder length bob that has been layered from her temples down. A flat iron, such as a Sedu, is then run through her hair and turned under just slightly at the ends. The flat iron takes any natural wave out of the hair and brings it to a glossy shine. Around her face, the bangs are ironed into place by using a gentle flip of the wrist back and away from the brow. Once her hair is in place, Katie cannot afford any surprises, so shine enhancing hairspray keeps everything in place.



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