Kimberly Caldwell's Punky Style

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How can I do a spiked style that's not over the top?

Kimberly Caldwell's Punky Style

Since her "American Idol" days, Kimberly Caldwell has made the most of her moment in the spotlight. Though she was eliminated from the singing competition, she never failed to let her sparkling personality shine through. That personality is what caught and held America's attention. As a hostess for the TV Guide channel, Kimberly dishes on the comings and going of our favorite (and no so favorite) celebrities, and spends Idol season using her personal experience to help viewers speculate on who will be the next idol winner.

Kimberly's personal style includes her now adorably short hair. To get a look like Kimberly's, you will want to have your hair cut in short all over layers of about three inches. Kimberly's hair is generally worn in a spiky style. It is one that does not stand up however as the spikes fall into a natural hair pattern, which makes this an sweet, rather than shocking, punk inspired style.

Miss Caldwell's secret for getting a great spiky look all over is in using the right products. On clean dry hair, run a spiking product like Bed Head's Hard Head through the hair. Use only a little at a time as you can always add more, but once it's in there it will take a trip to the shampoo bowl to get it out if you overdo. With the product in but still plyable, take the pic end of a metal comb and gently move the spikes into place. If you need added control, take a little hairspray and spray the root. Then comb the hair into place while using a blow dryer set on low fan but medium to high heat to set the product and force the hair into place. Once the style is just as you like it, it should not need any additional hairspray.

Remember that this style involves lots of very stiff product. To keep from damaging your hair, be sure to shampoo and condition before going at it with a brush or comb.



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