Alyssa Milano's Sweet Pixie Cut

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What haircut should I consider if I want to go really short?

Alyssa Milano's Sweet Pixie Cut

Every once in a while a girl just wants to chuck it all and cut off her hair. Before you reach for the clippers (note the absence of any pop tart remarks here), take a page from Alyssa Milano's book and consider the amazingly cute pixie cut she got just a few years ago.

To emulate Alyssa's style you simply need to ask your cosmetologist for a pixie cut of about one and a half to two inches in length. Alyssa's hair has a natural loose curl to it, which makes styling this cut a breeze.

After shampooing, add about a quarter's worth of gel or molding mud depending on the thickness and texture of your hair. Rub the product through the hair all over and taking a round brush curl the hair up all over as you blow dry on a low setting. Once the hair is dry, you can use a medium barrel curling iron if needed, anywhere you aren't satisfied with the set of the curl.

Don't let yourself think this is a style that only looks good in a casual environment. While he hair is short, Alyssa still dresses it up for special occasions by wearing pretty little clips and jewels in her hair.

Remember, this is a cut that really shows off your pretty face. Don't try this in the middle of a breakout or other complexion crisis.



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