Your Best Photo for a Virtual Makeover

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What photo should I use for my virtual makeover?

Your Best Photo for a Virtual Makeover

To get the best results from your virtual makeover, you will want to start by finding a program, either through your local computer supply store or online. Make certain the program you use allows you to enter or upload a photo of yourself. Many programs offer models, and you can try to pick the one with the closest facial shape and features to your own, but nothing works nearly as well to ensure your satisfaction as your own likeness.

As for the photo you want to use for your virtual makeover--you do not want to use your favorite glammed up picture. In your favorite photo you are probably fully made up with your hair perfect and quite possibly some of it covering up your face. A picture like this won't give you an honest look at what your final result will probably look like.

If you intend to use the program to do a full makeover, you will want to use a photo of yourself taken in good, yet soft lighting, with your hair pulled back from your face and wearing no makeup, or wearing only a light foundation to even out your skin tone. This way you can make cosmetic, hair and even eye color changes using the same photo. If you are only interested in exploring different hair color and style options, use a photo with your hair out of your face in which you are wearing makeup similar to that which you wear day to day. After all, if you change your hair, you will want it to look best with your everyday look. Keep in mind, both circumstances require a photo that is taken head on, with you looking directly at the camera.

Remember, always try a live run with your makeup, or do a strand test with your hair before committing your entire head to it. While modern computers and monitors do an amazing job of reproducing true to life color, you cannot be absolutely sure until you actually see your new look live.



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