Virtual Makeover Games

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How can I have a little fun with makeup online?

Virtual Makeover Games

One way to check out new makeup colors and have a little fun doing it is to log onto a cosmetic company's website and play around with their virtual makeover game. Mary Kay for example has a virtual makeover game where you can choose the face that most closely resembles your own, and then try out different makeup pallets on your virtual doppelganger.

The program has faces that represent nearly every imaginable ethnic background, facial shape and hair/eye combination. So it is likely that you will find a face that has at least a basic resemblance to your own.

Using programs like these, you can try different color combinations for eyes, cheeks and lips before you buy them. You can put together a beautiful look, or you can have a little fun, putting together the most ridiculous color combinations you can think of. Try out different day and evening looks before committing any of your money to them.

Do remember though that just because it looks great on your online virtual double, doesn't guarantee that it will look perfect on you. Be certain to check out the company's satisfaction and return policies before you buy.



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