Top Three Places to Find Virtual Hair Makeovers

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Where can I find virtual hair makeovers?

Top Three Places to Find Virtual Hair Makeovers

With the invention of “virtual makeovers,” you don't need to make an appointment at your salon to try on the hottest new look. Instead, scan a photo of yourself into a website, and point and click to try on multiple hairstyles in seconds. And when you find the perfect hairdo, simply print the picture and visit your stylist. Read on to learn the top three places to find free virtual makeovers.

Online magazines. Many online magazines like InStyle and Marie Claire allow you to try on the hottest celebrity hair looks. You can even try on styles specific to certain types of events, like the prom or a wedding.

Virtual makeover websites. Some companies specialize in online makeovers. After uploading a photo of yourself, you can try out free virtual makeovers instantly. Check out free companies like Beautyriot.

Cosmetic companies. Some cosmetic companies allow you to try on the hottest celebrity hairstyles and makeup trends. Check out your favorite makeup line to see if they offer this service.



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