Celebrity Hair Updo: Short Hair Guide

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Can I wear an updo if I have short hair?

Celebrity Hair Updo: Short Hair Guide

Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you can't get a glamorous updo. Many short haired celebrities are finding creative ways to get an updo look – without having long hair. Here's a quick guide for prom updos for short hair.

This year is all about messy updos. If you have straight hair, spit your hair into three sections and curl with a very small barreled curling iron. Each time you curl a lock, spray with hair gel. Make sure to choose a product with shine enhancing ingredients.

Once your hair is curled, it will look really wild – don't be scared. Instead, get a stack of bobby pins and start pining up the curls -starting from the top of your hair and working down until everything is pinned in place. Then, pull out a few locks around your face for added style. Apply a finishing spray to set the look in place.



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