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Celebrity Hairstyles: Put Beach Waves in your Hair

Have you ever wondered how to get those perfect “just back from the beach” waves like Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle or Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson's hairstyles? Well, the secret to those celebrity hairstyles is in the salt. It may sound strange but spritzing your hair with a mixture of water and sea salt will bring out its natural wave.

For best results just spray on and scrunch hair. The scrunching will set the wave and letting your hair air dry will help ensure your waves don't turn to frizz. When hair is dry you can spray with a very light hold finishing spray to help keep your new waves but go lightly. This celebrity hairstyle is all about sun and sand, not stiff and sticky.


Ashlee Simpson's Hairstyles: The Straight Bob

Many celebrity hairstyles are getting shorter for Spring and Ashlee Simpson's hairstyle is no exception. This sexy style works well for fine and straight hair but can also be adapted for thicker hair with extra layering around the bottom.

Ashlee Simpson's hairstyle is cut to just below the chin with layering at the ends and around the face. The bangs are cut with a straight razor to get that uneven look.

Style using hair pomade on towel dried hair and blow dry using a brush for a very smooth look or your fingers for a slightly more tousled style. The key to Ashlee Simpson's hairstyle is the long, uneven bang so play that up. After styling apply a tiny amount of the pomade to your fingers and separate bangs into defined, chunky sections.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Hairstyles

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's hairstyles are often admired for their relaxed, “boho” style. To achieve this loose, wavy look have your stylist add very long layers to the bottom of your otherwise one length hair.

The key to styling this version of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's hairstyle is to keep it simple. Use a curl enhancing product on your damp hair concentrating application on the mid shaft and ends of the hair. For naturally wavy hair you can simply let this style air dry to maintain the loose curl definition or blow dry until about 80 percent dry. Over drying will likely cause this style to become frizzy so keep a little dampness in and apply a very small amount of a light hair wax to your hands and gently scrunch in to keep the waves looking slightly separated.

For straight hair apply a curl enhancing gel and scrunch dry hair. If more waves are needed in your hair, simply twist small sections throughout your hair around a one inch barreled curling iron. Don't worry about getting it perfect…this Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hairstyle is supposed to be on the “messy” side.

Also remember not to get too neat with the middle part. It is best to save parting your hair until after it is dry to avoid a straight as an arrow line and then do the parting with your fingers, not a comb, for that slightly disheveled look.


Keeping up with Jennifer Aniston's Hairstyles

Since her first debut on the popular sitcom “Friends” Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles have been sought after and copied by thousands of woman. Always the trendsetter, Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles have gone from the shorter, heavily layered look to a longer, more maintenance free style.

To achieve Jennifer Aniston's straight and sleek hairstyle start by using silicone based styling product on damp hair. The silicone will not only prevent fly away hairs and give a healthy shine to the hair but the silicone will actually provide a thin layer of protection to the hair shaft while heat is applied during styling.

Using a flat brush, preferably one with a metal base which will help smooth the hair, blow dry small sections of hair from the root to the ends pointing your blow dryer's nozzle down as you go. To ensure an extra sleek look like Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle use a ceramic flat iron to quickly go over dried hair and smooth out any remaining waves. If hair looks a little dull after styling apply a spray on hair shiner to bring out the gloss in your hair.


Hot New Celebrity Hairstyles

For those of you looking for a new trend in celebrity hairstyles this season one of the hottest hairstyles making a comeback is the updated bob. No longer the boring straight hairstyle of the past this new favorite has a fresh new look with lots of options.

From Paris Hilton's smart, chin length version to Sienna Miller's pixie-like crop many of the once flowing celebrity hairstyles are getting short and sassy.

The best part of this new hairstyle is that it is so versatile that there's literally a version for everyone. Have a long face shape? A chin length bob with bangs will give the illusion of width. Alternately, if you have a wide face you should opt for a longer version of this style that sits below the chin.

If you're afraid a bob is too boring for you don't forget that this style does not have to be one length. If you prefer a more glamorous version of this celebrity hairstyle you can always have your stylist incorporate long layers, like Charlize Theron's version of this hairstyle. This gives you the versatility to either use large rollers for some soft waves or flip up the ends for a totally different take on a tried and true hairstyle.


Nicole Richie's Hairstyles: Classy Finger Waves

A classic finger wave type style is always a great way to glam up a simple bob. Nicole Richie's hairstyle is a perfect example of this and is a very easy hairstyle to achieve.

Use a shine enhancing styling product which will give sheen to your finished style and help the curls keep their smooth appearance. Blow drying your hair straight first will again promote the smoothness this style needs. Next use a large barrel curling iron (at least one inch in diameter) and curl large sections of hair in a spiral motion. Don't bother curling right to the root of your hair. The first inch or two should lie flat against your head but do be sure to get the ends in or they will remain straight and ruin the look.

When all the hair has been curled gently finger comb your hair until the spirals turn into soft waves. This style is best if any type of finishing spray is skipped all together but if you must keep it very light as the movement of this style is half the allure. Voila! Your own sexy version of Nicole Ritchie's hairstyle is yours.


Lindsay Lohan's Hairstyles: Long and Romantic

Many long styles are veering away from poker straight and embracing the softly waved version of one of Lindsay Lohan's hairstyles. This flowing hairstyle is best for medium to thick hair types that are either straight or with a slight wave to them. The cut in Lindsay Lohan's hairstyle is achieved by adding layers to long hair that start at the cheek bones and extend to the top of the shoulders. The bang is left long and blended in with the rest of the layers to frame the eyes.

Lindsay Lohan's hairstyle is styled with the use of a volumizing spray or mousse. Use either a large round brush or wide flat brush and blow dry sections of your hair up and away from your scalp to get great volume on top. Hair on the sides should be flipped back and away from the face. Set with a light hairspray that gives hold but is not overly stiff.


Lindsay Lohan's Hairstyles: Going Brunette

Lindsay Lohan's hairstyles have run the gamut of hair color from light blonde to dark, sultry brunette. Changing your hair color this often can be a fun way to transform your look but there are special considerations to take into account when going drastically darker.

If your hair color is a light blonde but you'd love to have the color of one of Lindsay Lohan's darker hairstyles your colorist may have to do this process in two steps. All hair colors have what is called an underlying pigment which, if left out of the coloring process, can make your new, darker hair appear to have a green hue to it. In most cases your stylist will do a process called pre-pigmentation in which the underlying color of red, which is the base of all browns, is first applied to the hair. Once this process is done the brunette color can be applied over top and the result is a nice, rich brown without the ashy, green undertone.

To keep your brunette color from fading too fast try one of the many shampoos and conditioners especially for brunettes.

How do I copy Kate Bosworth's Hairstyle?

Simple Summer Hair: Kate Bosworth's Hairstyle

If you're looking for a simple yet sexy summer hairstyle try the easy style of Kate Bosworth's hairstyle.

Apply a volumizing lotion to damp hair for extra body and blow dry your hair upside down. Kate Bosworth's hairstyle relies on getting a lot of volume into your hair so massage your scalp with your fingers as you blow dry. This will give your roots more lift.

When your hair is nearly dry, flip your head right-side up again and finish styling with a large round brush to give the ends of your hair some sexy curves. Concentrate on the layers around the face and have them bend inward to frame your face. Finish off your Kate Bosworth hairstyle style with either a spray shine or very light hair spray for hold.


Ashlee Simpson's Hairstyles: Long with Soft Layers

Dying to sport your own version of one of Ashlee Simpson's hairstyles? Her long, layered hairstyle is best for hair that is medium to thick in texture with some natural wave. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in long layers with the shortest layer beginning at the cheek bones. To mimic the choppy bangs in Ashlee Simpson's hairstyle make sure your stylist cuts your bangs with a straight razor in order to achieve that “piecey”, uneven look.

Styling Ashlee Simpson's hairstyle:

If you have naturally wavy hair use a gel that has a silicone additive in it to avoid any “frizziness”. Blow dry bangs on low heat to smooth them out and then use a styling wax to separate into pieces. For the length of the hair either let dry naturally or blow dry on low heat scrunching the hair gently with your hands.

For straight hair style bangs in the same manner but use either a large one inch barrel curling iron to get the soft waves in Ashlee Simpson's hairstyle or spray hair with a light spray gel and set on large Velcro rollers. Take rollers out when hair is dry and gently finger comb hair to blend the waves.


Using Celebrity Hairstyles Pictures

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words and never has this been more true than when wanting your hairstylist to cut your hair in a very specific style. Often it can be difficult for those not in the industry to be able to accurately explain which of the many celebrity hairstyles they are seeking. Therefore, why not spare yourself the grief and your stylist the guessing by bringing celebrity hairstyles pictures with you to your salon visit.

But before you go strolling in with a stack of glossy magazine photos under your arm let's talk a bit about narrowing down your choices. First, get to know your own hair type. Is it fine or thick? Is your hair bone straight or naturally wavy? All of these factors make a big difference in choosing a new style. Sure, you may see pictures of celebrity hairstyles that you love but if it's Jennifer Aniston's perfectly sleek style and you have a head of natural curls you, my friend, are going to be fighting an uphill battle.

A good place to look for celebrity hairstyle pictures are fashion magazines or weekly magazines such as People or Us. This way you can browse through at your leisure and cut out the celebrity hairstyles you like and take them with you. As an alternative, if you don't want to spend the cash on magazines simply type in something such as “Jessica Simpson's hairstyles” into Google and you'll find scores of celebrity hairstyle pictures that you can print out and take with you to the salon.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Hairstyles

Wanting one of your own versions of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's hairstyles? Try their medium length, wavy style which works best for hair with natural wave to it but can be done on straighter hair as well if you don't mind a little extra work.

This Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hairstyle is kept one length with a slight bit of layering around the face. Style can be achieved by using a styling cream on damp hair and blow drying on a low setting. Scrunch hair gently with hands if you have natural curl and only let hair dry to approximately 80 to 90 percent to avoid friziness. Use another very small dab of styling cream or a light hair wax to separate curls with fingers.

If your hair doesn't have enough curl on its own you can set dry hair in large Velcro rollers, mist with a spray gel and let dry on their own or use a large barreled curling iron to add some quick waves.


Jessica Simpson's Hairstyles: Going Very Blonde

They say blondes have more fun, and that may be true, but if you want an ultra blonde version of one of Jessica Simpson's hairstyles it may have to be done in two steps. This hair color is best suited for those with fair complexions whose natural hair is no darker than a light brown.

To achieve the two dimensioned color in Jessica Simpson's hairstyle your stylist may have to first lighten your all over hair color to a light beige blonde. Next platinum highlights will be added all over the head with the majority being around the face.

The cut in Jessica Simpson's hairstyle is a blunt bob with long layers beginning at chin length in which a straight razor has been used to give texture and that wispy appearance. The bangs are mid eye length and left fairly blunt on the ends.

To style your Jessica Simpson hairstyle apply a volumizing product such as a spray or mousse to damp hair. Blow dry using a large round brush to smooth out the hair while giving the ends a slight curve. Dry hair towards the face in small sections, gently pulling the hair in an upward motion to get volume at the roots. To finish this hairstyle use a volumizing hairspray and, placing your one hand against your head, pull hair outward approximately one to two inches and spray the roots for added lift.


Nicole Ritchie's Hairstyles: The Sexy Bob

With bobs making a big comeback it's no wonder that Nicole Ritchie's hairstyle is a classic version of this style. This simple yet fun bob sports one length hair that is cut just above the shoulders in the back and wisped shorter with a straight razor in the front in order to frame the face. The bang is left long (to the bridge of the nose) and swept to the side. This style is best suited for fine to medium hair that is straight.

Styling this version Nicole Ritchie's hairstyle is a breeze. Try using a thickening mousse for extra fine hair or a styling gel containing silicone for medium hair. Use a large oval shaped brush to style. Use the flatter side of the brush for sweeping the bang to the side and the curved portion to guide the hair under at the ends. End with a light spray of finishing spray, preferably one that adds body and shine to the hair.


Jennifer Aniston's Hairstyles: Long and Relaxed

Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles have always been coveted by women who admire her girl next door beauty. The latest incarnation in the ever changing list of Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles is a longer, blonder and more relaxed style. This version of Jennifer's hair is perfect for everything from a day out with friends (no pun intended) to a glitzy night out on the town.

To get the new Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle have your hair almost one length with just a bit of layering on the ends for movement. A long bang is also a great addition as it can be simply swept to the side but softens the look around the face.

To style you can put as much work or as little work into this hairstyle as you want. For the office or a casual day apply mousse to damp hair and blow dry upside down for a carefree, tousled look. Put up the sides up in a classy or funky barrette for a change of pace or to keep hair out of your way at work.

For a sultrier look, style the same but go the extra mile by using a large barrel curling iron to add some sexy and more defined curls to your hair. If using hairspray to set afterwards, use a very light aerosol spray. This version of Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle is meant to be soft and touchable, not sticky and helmet like, so keep hair products to a minimum.


Short Celebrity Hairstyles

With most of the celebrity hairstyles being medium to long in length it can sometimes be hard to find a shorter style. But not to fear, there are still some stunning short celebrity hairstyles to draw inspiration from. Halle Berry's short cropped cut is both playful and glamorous and works well for most hair types. The short, textured layers are simple to style as well. Just use a dollop of medium to strong hold gel and either let air dry for a sleeker look or rub the hair with your hands in a circular motion while drying to get extra volume.

Lisa Rinna is another great example of short celebrity hairstyles gone right. Her style is achieved by using a straight razor to cut her hair in layers (approximately four inches in length) on the top of her head. The layers are then gradually made shorter at the sides and back in order to give the hair more movement, while still keeping enough length for a slight flip effect. To style just use a volumizing spray or mousse and let your hands do most of the work to avoid a “too neat” appearance. Enlist the help of a small round brush to gently flip the sides and back.


Jessica Simpson's Hairstyles: Instant Length Via Extensions

Jessica Simpson is known for her love of hair extensions and uses them frequently. You too can instantly have your own version of one of Jessica Simpson's hairstyles by purchasing a hair extensions kit. These are a snap, literally, to use as they come with clip attachments that you secure to your own hair. Hairextensions.com has the very extensions by the “Put On Pieces” company that were used for Jessica Simpson's hairstyles during The Dukes of Hazard. These extensions are made from real human hair and can be styled as you would your own hair.

For an even easier option you can mimic Jessica Simpson's lengthy pony tail hairstyle by getting a pony tail hair extension of your own. These attach with same easy clip or banana type clip and can come either straight or permed. Again, when the extensions are made from real hair they can be styled with rollers, curling irons or blow dryers ahead of time. Then all you need to do is worry about styling the front of your hair, put the rest of your own hair back into a pony tail and attach the extension. How easy is that?


Lindsay Lohan's Hairstyles: Going Blonde

Have dark hair but find yourself wishing you had the color of one of Lindsay Lohan's lighter hairstyles? Depending on how dark your original hair color is, your stylist may need to pre-lighten your hair first. This process will quickly remove all unwanted pigment and take your hair to a lighter “yellow” state. Don't worry if your hair looks very yellow at first as this is the underlying pigment in all blondes. Next a blonde color with an additive to tone the yellow pigment will be applied over top.

Always remember, though, that if your hair is naturally dark then going much lighter like on of Lindsay Lohan's hairstyles requires a lot of upkeep. Hair grows at a rate of approximately a half an inch a month and that means you'll have that much in dark roots as well so plan frequent visits to your stylist for touch ups.

To avoid your new blonde color going brassy make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner especially formulated for blondes. They will contain a mild toner that will keep your hair color from going brassy.

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