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Prom Hairstyles: Match Your Hair to Your Dress

Just because your dress is red, doesn't mean your should be, too. But to create a look between prom hairstyles and prom dresses that works try to choose a hairstyle that compliments, not competes with your dress.

If your prom dress has a very low back or intricate design at the back your prom hairstyle should be one in which the hair is put up. It does you no good to have a beautifully low cut dress only to have your hair cover it up.

Alternately, if you have your heart set on wearing your hair all down, or the back down, try to choose an elegant, yet understated dress. Also, if your dress is very glittery try adding a little sparkle via some small hair barrettes with glitter but don't overdo it. A little sparkle goes a long way.

Can you suggest an updo that a celebrity has worn that would work for a formal event I have coming up?

Anne Hathaway's Gorgeous Grecian Braids

For a stunning and unique updo for your next big event try going Greek. Anne Hathaway's hairstyle for the Golden Globes showcased small braided sections of hair interwoven amongst a low lying bun-type up-sweep.

To get Anne Hathaway's hairstyle you'll want to make an appointment with a stylist, as this type of updo is best left to the professionals. This type of style works best on medium to long hair and bangs can be swept to the side or held back with a discreet head band like Anne Hathaway used.

This hairstyle involves taking small sections of hair and sweeping them back off the face. These pieces are then braided. Next, the stylist will create the back portion of the updo by twisting and weaving pieces of your hair's length and pinning them together into a textured bun. Now the braided pieces are joined with the bun and pinned to the surface to re-create that Grecian look. Finish off this Anne Hathaway hairstyle with a light misting of hair spray for hold.


Wedding Hair: Celebrity Style

With wedding season fast approaching many brides-to-be are looking to celebrities for wedding updo ideas. Whether you're looking for classic, such as Carmen Electra's sleek chignon, or a more relaxed style similar to Hilary Duff's half-up do, there's a celebrity style for every type of bride.

For those brides who love the classics, try Carmen Electra's hairstyle for a wedding updo. Long hair is given a dramatically low side part and sleeked back to the nape of the neck. A low lying, smooth bun, called a chignon, is created out of the length of the hair. Bangs, if you have them, should be swept to the side to blend with the back-swept style of this wedding updo. This wedding updo is best left to a professional stylist to make sure it turns out as sleek and perfect as it needs to be.

Looking for something a little less structured? Try Naomi Watts' hairstyle which puts a modern twist on the classic French twist. This style works best on hair that is no longer than shoulder length, though hair that is longer but not very thick can work well too. A volumizing or curl boosting styling product should be applied to damp hair and gently scrunch hair to form waves. Once the hair is dry the sides and back of the hair is gently finger combed towards the nape and rolled up towards the crown while being pinned in place. A brush should not be used for this style unless you want a perfectly smooth French twist. Instead, let the waves in your hair flow freely to create a less formal look. Leaving a few tendrils around the face will also soften this look. Again, this style is best done at the salon.

If your wedding is going to be a casual affair, skip the fussy wedding updo and opt for Hilary Duff's hairstyle. This half-updo works best of thicker hair that is shoulder length or longer. Apply a styling crème to damp hair and blow dry while styling with your fingers for that “messy” look. Once the hair is dried, take a large barrel curling iron and wrap various sections around the iron, leaving the ends of the hair out and uncurled. When you've achieved a sufficiently messy but stylish look, gently pull the sides back and secure with a jeweled hair clip. Make sure to leave some wisps around the face and keep bangs soft and casual as well. This style can be done at home and is perfect for a beach type wedding updo.


Homecoming Hairstyles: Letting Your Hair Down

Homecoming hairstyles don't always mean you need to wear your hair pinned up. Think Marcia Cross and her flowing mane of bright auburn waves.

For this long hair homecoming hairstyle mist slightly damp hair with a volumizing spray or anti-frizz styling cream if your have natural wave in your hair. Remember not to do this on freshly washed hair so the curl will hold better.
Next part hair in the middle back to the crown of your head but leave the hair right at the crown combed back for more volume there. Blow dry hair upside down for maximum volume if you have straight hair or with a large round brush if your hair has any curl to it.

Lastly, use a large barrel curling iron to spiral large sections of hair into loose curls. Don't curl all the way to the roots on top—keep this part flatter to avoid a round look. To keep the curls in this homecoming hairstyle defined coat fingers with a styling wax and finger comb out curls to blend them. Set with hair spray.

Home or Salon Style: This homecoming hairstyle can be done at home.


Formal Hairstyles: The Perfect Pony Tail

For those with medium to long hair who want an understated but easy formal hairstyle why not take your cue from celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Hillary Swank. While a pony tail may sound like something for a Sunday jog and not a formal event, if done right it will fit right in.

First, dry hair will need to be set on medium sized Velcro rollers. Take sections as long as the roller and half as wide and mist with a volumizing spray. Set entire head of hair and let dry completely. If your formal hairstyle will have bangs you can choose to set in a roller or keep it flat for a side swoop effect across the forehead.

Once hair is dry unwrap from rollers and back comb the roots of the hair all over with a bristle brush. Now smooth hair back into a pony tail. You want the top layer of the hair to look smooth and neat but don't brush too hard or you'll undo your cushion of backcombing, which keeps the hair from sitting flat against the head and looking too plain for a formal hairstyle. Secure pony tail with a fancy elastic or barrette.

Now take a very small amount of styling wax or hair pomade and gently run fingers through the pony tail to add definition to your magnificent waves. If you have bangs style them as desired (try adding pomade and swooping to the side).

Home or Salon Style- This one can certainly be done at home and by yourself at that!


Prom Hairstyles: Two Great Curly Styles

Looking for a prom hairstyle that reflects the latest in hair trends? Then curl is the way to go whether you plan on wearing your hair down or swept into an updo.

If your prom hairstyle plans include leaving your long hair down then try taking a style cue from CSI: Miami's Sofia Milos. Sofia's naturally curly hair is accentuated by the use of a medium sized curling iron to define and tame her curls. To create this look for yourself add a styling cream with silicone added to it and blow dry hair with a diffuser attachment to avoid hair becoming frizzy. Next, gently pin up the bulk of your hair, leaving a small section down, and touch up any curls that need extra attention. Continue to do this, working up the head section by section, making sure the curls look as smooth as possible. Don't worry about it being perfect—you're going for an all over uniform look but perfection isn't necessary. To finish off this prom hairstyle spray hair with a hair spray designed to fight off humidity.

If you have straight hair but would still love a head full of spiral curls—don't fret. The same look can still be achieved but do yourself the favor and leave it up to a professional by booking an appointment at a salon on your prom day.

For a curly prom hairstyle that is put into an updo try a style such as the one Jamie Pressly has sported. The length of the hair is swept up and pinned to the top of the head, leaving the sides and bangs straight. Next the ends of the upswept hair are curled around a small curling iron and placed randomly atop the head. The bangs are swept to the side to soften the style. This prom hairstyle is best left to a professional unless you have a very hair savvy friend willing to do the work for you.


Prom Hairstyles: Avoid Squeaky Clean Hair

Many times those going to the salon for prom hairstyles start the day with their normal morning routine that includes washing their hair. This is a big no-no in hairstyling and only makes setting the hair much more difficult for your stylist.

Any model or actress would tell you that when they have their hair done for an event their hair is at least “a day old”. Prom hairstyles fall under the same rule. Hair that has been freshly washed becomes very slippery and is hard to manage, whereas hair that's had a day of hair products and, yes, some natural oil accumulation from the scalp, has more grip and will stay put better.


Homecoming Hairstyles- Ashlee Simpson's Soft Curls

If you're looking for homecoming hairstyles that don't require a lot of pins and complicated steps try Ashlee Simpson's easy ringlets.

This style is best on long, straight hair. If you have natural wave use a straightening balm on damp hair and blow dry straight. Use a flat iron on the hair if necessary as the smoother your hair is the better.

To style this homecoming hairstyle a hair gel or styling balm is applied to damp hair and the hair is blow dried with a low side part. Once hair is completely dry take medium sized sections and twist around a half inch barreled curling iron. Only curl the length that hangs below your chin as the upper portions of this homecoming hairstyle is left straight and fairly flat to the head.

Once all the length of your hair is curled take a styling wax and gently coat each ringlet by running your hands over them. Don't separate the curls too much. You want to have multiple medium sized spiral-like curls cascading down, not a bunch of little ones. Next add some of the styling balm to the top portion of you hair and make it lay flat against your head. Use two small barrettes to hold the deep side part in place; one is placed just above the opposite eye from the side your hair is parted on (this one will sweep bangs over if you have them) and the other is placed behind the ear on the opposite side to hold hair back off the face. Set with hair spray and a shining spray if necessary.

Home or Salon Style- This one can certainly be done at home by yourself.


Prom Hairstyles: Jessica Simpson's Updo

A sculpted yet not too structured prom hairstyle is Jessica Simpson's updo. This style is best for hair that is no longer than shoulder length. To achieve this style a full and long bang is left out to swoop across the forehead. Separate this bang section and leave it for the end. Next, taking large sections, the hair is swept loosely back and secured to the head with bobby pins. The hair from the nape of the neck is pulled up to just below the middle of the back of the head and pinned. Don't worry about making the sections too neat as a little “messiness” adds to the casualness of this style.

To avoid this prom hairstyle looking too cute, leave ends of the pinned sections out and let them hang straight without curling. Next the bang section has a styling wax applied to it and swept to the side for a dramatic effect. Spray generously with hair spray to hold.

Home or Salon Style- This prom hairstyle is really on the borderline. If you or a friend of yours is a hair whiz then, by all means, give it a shot. But if hairstyling is not your thing then book your prom hairstyle at a salon.


Prom Hairstyles: The Sexy Chignon

One of the hottest updos at the Oscars was a low lying, loose bun called a chignon. This style, worn by Naomi Watts, Jennifer Garner and Michelle Williams on the red carpet, is a perfect choice for those who like their prom hairstyles to look sophisticated but not over the top.

While this prom hairstyle does require some talented fingers it can be done at home if you or a friend is savvy with styling hair. This hairstyle works best on medium length, slightly layered hair. To create your own version of Naomi Watt's chignon simply blow dry damp hair that had a volumizing or curl enhancing mousse applied to it. Use your hands to scrunch hair while drying which will boost any natural wave you may have. Once dry, take the back and sides of the hair and place in a loose side pony tail. Don't get too tight with the elastic, instead wrap the elastic around the hair once or twice and then use bobby pins to secure the elastic to the head.

Now wrap any longer sections around the base of the pony tail, pinning as you go, to create a soft bun. Don't forget to leave some shorter layers out which can then be touched up with a curling iron. The idea here is a casual chic so don't fret too much about getting this updo perfect...just make sure you pin it well!


Formal Hairstyles: Terri Hatcher's Natural Waves

For hair that is naturally wavy Teri Hatcher's Emmy hair is a perfect formal hairstyle. Its natural, swept back style will look glamorous on anyone.

This type of formal hairstyle has naturally wavy hair misted with a volumizing spray and scrunched dry. If you don't have natural waves you can set your hair in Velcro rollers to achieve the waves nature didn't give you.

Large sections of the hair, starting from the front, are loosely twisted back and the hair is pinned into a bun. The trick to this style is not to make it neat or smooth but to show off the waves in your hair to keep this formal hairstyle from looking too stiff or severe.

Home or Salon Style- This formal hairstyle should be done at a salon. It may not sound terribly technical but getting that casual look can be tougher than it sounds.


Homecoming Hairstyles: Fantasy Updos

Sometimes no ordinary updo with do. For those who want their homecoming hairstyles to be the center of attention there are Web sites that showcase some of the most stunning and original homecoming hairstyles out there.

Many of the homecoming hairstyles featured make use of silk flowers, or even feathers, as accessories to add a romantic touch.

If you decide you want one of these types of homecoming updo hairstyles make sure to book with a professional stylist to create them. These homecoming hairstyles require immense skill and attention to detail and cannot be recreated at home. Also, when booking your appointment, mention that you are requiring a very complicated updo and ask for someone who specializes in doing homecoming hairstyles and updos. It is also recommended to have a consultation, or a least a quick visit, with your stylist before the big day.

Bring a picture that you have printed out and leave it with your stylist. This is not the kind of homecoming hairstyle you want to just spring on your stylist. It will require a lot of time so make sure to leave enough time before your event so your stylist is not rushed.

Home or Salon Style- Get a specialized professional or you'll be disappointed.


Formal Hairstyles: Eva Longoria's Emmy Style

If formal hairstyles that scream diva are your style try Eva Longoria's Emmy 2005 hairstyle. Its combination of cascading curls and face framing tendrils will certainly make heads turn in your direction.

For this formal hairstyle the sides are loosely swept up and pinned back while the back is left to hang free. Bangs or long pieces of hair are left out around the face to soften the look.

The back length of the hair in this formal hairstyle is then curled with a medium sized curling iron for a cascading curl effect. The bangs, if you have them, are swept to the sides and tendrils left around the face are also curled.

To finish off this formal hairstyle mist with hair spray to set the style.

Home or Salon Style- This one can be done at home though, if you have thick hair, it could be time consuming.


Prom Hairstyles: Understated Chic

Prom hairstyles that don't rely on a lot of volume for effect can make a stunning impact. For this type of style try having long hair put in a low lying bun at the nape of your neck.

This type of prom hairstyle, like the one Jessica Alba has worn, has the hair backcombed and then pulled loosely back to the nape of the neck, making sure to leave a little volume on top. Next the hair is placed in a slightly off center bun by putting the hair in a pony tail and then wrapping the entire length around the base of the pony tail, pinning with bobby pins as you wrap.

If you have bangs, set in a large Velcro roller just to give a little volume and bend. Just don't overdo the bangs by making them too big. Think understated here.

Home or Salon Style- This could be done at home, but you'll need the help of a friend to pin the bun properly.


Prom Hairstyles: Emily Rossum's Upswept Curls

Prom hairstyles that have loose curls piled atop the head can be very elegant without looking too structured. Emily Rossum's casual curls are a perfect example giving her style a soft, romantic look.

To achieve this prom hairstyle small sections of hair are misted with a volumizing spray and set in small to medium sized rollers. Letting hair dry completely, the roots are then backcombed with a bristle brush. The same brush is then used to gently smooth the hair back off the face in diagonal directions. The hair is then randomly secured to the head with the curled ends left out to sit atop the head.

Home or Salon Style- This prom hairstyle is best left to a professional.


Prom Hairstyles: For Short Hair

Those with short hair need prom hairstyles too! So, if you have short tresses, don't fret because you can jazz up just about any length of hair for that special day.

If your hair length is similar to that of Halle Berry's cropped style why not imitate her wild style but with a little extra glitter.

Use a volumizing spray or spray gel on damp hair. Using a vent brush or small round brush, blow dry your hair. Make sure to concentrate on getting volume at the roots. Next, use a medium sized curling iron and use it to bend the first half inch to inch of the hair from the roots at the crown area of your head. You don't want curl right through to the end as this will look too dated and structured so leave the ends out of the curling iron all together.

The next step in your prom hairstyle is to use hair pomade or styling wax and separate the pieces of hair and place them where you want them. To add a little glitter you can take bobby pins with gems or pearls on the ends of them and place just a few randomly throughout your hair so that just the gem or pearl shows through the hair. Spray with hair spray to hold.

Home or Salon Style- This is definitely a style you can do yourself at home.


Prom Hairstyles: The Loose Chignon

A chignon, hairstylist speak for a loose bun, is great for prom hairstyles in which you want to avoid a huge, fussy hairstyle.

The hair can either be set large rollers first to give a little volume or, if you have thick hair, simply brushed out well beforehand. This prom hairstyle, as seen on Hilary Duff, has long hair divided into three large sections. Those sections are then twisted to create a long, tube like twist that sits atop each section. The entire length of the hair is then placed into a low lying pony tail at the very base of the neck.

To create a soft prom hairstyle the hair is then loosely wrapped in a bun and bobby pins secure the bun to the head. Hillary's long bangs are parted in the middle and left to loosely hand down on either side to frame the face.

Home or Salon Style- This one's a little tricky. There's a lot going on and chances are you don't have enough hands to do it all. If you have a hair savvy friend this could work if you both tackle it together but a visit to the salon is recommended.


Formal Hairstyles: Making your Salon Appointment

So you've got a formal event coming up and you're going to need a formal hairstyle. Before you call your favorite salon here's a few tips to make your salon visit a pleasant and smooth sailing one.

Make your appointment A.S.A.P- Don't wait until the last minute to book your formal hairstyle appointment. Formal hairstyles take time and you don't want to be crammed in between other clients with a rushed stylist who can't take their time and give attention to detail.

Consider a consultation- If you are someone who either has no idea what type of formal hairstyles you like or are very picky about your formal hairstyles (it's ok to admit it and yes, you know who you are) then do both you and your stylist a favor and book a consultation ahead of time. Some consultations are free some aren't but it may well be worth it as this is when you can get your likes and dislikes across without wasting time on the day of the event.

Don't Wash Your Hair- Squeaky clean hair won't style properly so don't show up with freshly shampooed, or worse, still wet hair, to your formal hairstyle appointment. If you must wash your hair before the event do it the night before and mist hair with a spray gel and let air dry. This will give the hair some grip to work with.

Know What You Want and Prove It- Before you set foot into the salon for your appointment do your homework. Look through magazines or online for prom hairstyles that you want. Narrow it down to one or maybe two prom hairstyles and take pictures with you so your stylist can see exactly what it is you want.


Homecoming Hairstyles: Retro Waves for Short Hair

Short homecoming hairstyles don't have to be boring. For a glamorous look on hair that is short but has long layers try Charlize Theron's swept back, wavy hairstyle.

For this homecoming hairstyle the top and sides of the hair are set back off the face in small to medium sized rollers. The back is set in small rollers for extra curl or, if the hair is too short for rollers it is dried and curled with a curling iron.

Once hair is dried hair pomade is used on the hands to rake the top and sides of the hair back, separating the curls and making them into flowing, off the face waves. Curls at the nape of the neck are also separated with pomade and the waves are blended to the tighter curls at the back. Hair spray is used to set this homecoming hairstyle.

Home or Salon Style- This one can be done at home but if you're not very good with styling your hair let the professionals do your homecoming hairstyle so it looks as glamorous as it should.


Formal Hairstyles: Halle's Halo of Ringlets

An elegant formal hairstyle for medium to long hair is a version that celebrity Halle Berry wore. For this style small sections of hair are either curled with a small barrel curling iron or your stylist may use long plastic tubes called spiral perm rods.

If the perm rod method is used for this formal hairstyle each section of hair is misted with a spray gel and wrapped in a spiral pattern onto the rod. The hair is then dried and unwrapped once the rods cool for a few minutes. Coat spiral curls with a thin layer of styling wax to smooth frizz and give shine. The hair is then brushed back off the face and up off the nape of the neck. This style required many, may bobby pins to secure. A cheater method, if doing this style at home, is to put the hair in a very loose pony tail (don't wrap the elastic around the hair more than twice) and then pin the elastic to the head.

Continue this formal hairstyle by taking medium sections and randomly twisting them and pinning them to the head so they create a “cushion” of curls at the back of your head.
Once you have the style as you want it mist with hair spray.

For the curling iron version of this formal hairstyle curl the entire head of hair, small sections at a time, in a spiral pattern on the barrel. Always start at the bottom of the curling iron's barrel and wind it up the shaft, making sure to get the very ends in to avoid that kinked “fish hook” look at the ends. Once all the hair is curled style as described above.

Home or Salon Style- This one, while not technically difficult, can be extremely time consuming. If you need to do your own formal hairstyle get a friend and two curling irons. Have the friend curl the back while you curl the sides and both work at pinning the style. Honestly though, enlisting a professional on your big day will save major time.


Prom Hairstyles: Easy Do- it- Yourself Prom Styles

If you can't get to a salon on prom day, or just prefer to create your own prom hairstyle, then try one of these two easy styles that can be done at home and start with a basic pony tail.

Keira Knightly proves that a prom hairstyle can look glamorous and needn't be difficult to achieve. To try this updo at home blow dry long hair that has had a styling cream applied to it. Part long bangs, if you have them, in or near the middle and then pull the rest of your hair back into a low, slightly off center pony tail. Now divide your pony tail into two or three sections, depending on the thickness of your hair, and spiral wrap each section vertically around a medium sized curling iron. Once the pony tail is all curled coat fingers with a hair pomade and gently blend the sections into one large spiral curl. Touch up bangs with a curling iron if necessary and mist your updo with hair spray.

Another at home prom hairstyle to try is Jennifer Lopez's half-up style. Start by applying a volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow drying with a large paddle brush. The next step is to pull the sides and back of your hair up and to the crown of the head, keeping the hair as smooth as possible. Secure this section into a high pony tail. Now take a very small section of that pony tail, just slightly thicker than your elastic, and wrap it around the base of the pony tail, securing the end of this piece of hair with a bobby pin through the base. This will serve to hide the elastic. Your last step is to take medium sized sections of your hair and wrap them around a large barreled curling iron to give big, sexy waves at the ends of the hair. Use a small amount of hair wax to separate the waves on the end and finish up with a light misting of hair spray.


Homecoming Hairstyles: Add a Headband

Homecoming hairstyles can run the gamut from complicated works of art to a sleek and simple bun. If you're looking for something to dress up your homecoming hairstyle but don't want a fussy style try adding a chic headband.

A homecoming hairstyle like this has been seen on celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Paris Hilton. The trick to this is to use a type of headband that will match your dress, yet look sophisticated enough for your event.

Try headbands that are made out of a satin or velvet material in either the same color as your dress or in black. Pair this look with a very simple homecoming hairstyle such as a high riding pony tail or simple bun. Those with short hair could also use a headband to dress up their homecoming hairstyle.

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