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I love Shakira's hair. Can you tell me how to get my own version of it?

Shakira: The Hairstyle Chameleon

Never one to tie her hair down to one style, Shakira's hairstyles runs the gamut from soft and wavy to wild and sexy.

Shakira's hairstyle is cut into a past the shoulder style with layers placed in the last few inches to add volume and movement. This cut works well with her natural curl by helping to tame it with its weight, yet gives lots of styling options.

To get Shakira's hairstyle in the curly version add a styling cream to naturally curly hair and either let you hair air dry or blow dry with a diffuser attachment. To finish off use a pomade or hair wax to define and de-frizz curls. For naturally straight hair apply a hair gel to damp hair and twist small sections of hair tightly and roll up to the scalp. Secure with a large bobby pin and let air dry. When the hair is completely dry carefully unwind the curls and separate them with you fingers, which have been coated with a light styling wax.

For a wilder version of Shakira's hairstyle try a glammed up pony tail. First, apply a styling cream or volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow dry hair straight while flipping your head upside down for extra volume. When hair is dry lightly back comb the roots of the top of your hair for extra lift. Place a zigzag part on one side and pull hair down and to the nape of your neck, so it's covering your ears, and place hair in a low lying pony tail. Be sure to leave out some layers around the face to perfect the wild look of Shakira's hairstyle.

What's are some glamorous women's hairstyles to wear to a party?

Glamorous Women's Hairstyles: Christina Aguilera's Sexy Waves

For a night out on the town or a sultry style that will wow your admirers, try your own version of Christina Aguilera's hairstyle. This gorgeous women's hairstyle works on fine or thick hair that is chin length or longer.

First apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and work it through from roots to ends. Next blow dry your hair upside down to get as much volume as possible from this women's hairstyle. When the hair is almost dry flip your head right side up again and finish drying with a large round brush. Christina Aguilera's hairstyle uses a deep side part for that retro look.

Now set your hair in medium sized hot rollers and let them cool. Carefully unwind your hair and finger comb your waves into place. This women's hairstyle is meant to be soft and flowing so either skip the hair spray or use a light hold spray sparingly.

I love Madonna's hair. How can I get my hair to look like hers?

Trendsetting Hair: Madonna's Hairstyles

Madonna has been setting hair and fashion trends since the ‘80s. These days, Madonna's hairstyle with its 1970s inspired flip is a perfect choice for those who want soft curls and cutting edge style.

This hairstyle works best on medium to thick hair that is shoulder length or slightly longer. The hair is layered around the face to create the flip. Using a volumizing mousse or a styling cream on damp hair, blow dry hair with a round brush. The key to Madonna's hairstyle is to keep the top of your hair sleek, with most of the volume at the ends. A middle part looks best for this style but a side part can also be used.

When your hair is completely dry use a large barreled curling iron to curl the ends of your hair into soft waves. Remember to curl the sides of the hair back to create that gorgeous flip. Finger comb your large curls into place and mist with a light hold hair spray to finish off your version of Madonna's hairstyle.

What is the haircut style of Krisitn Cavallari in the first season of Laguna Beach?

Kristin Cavalleri: Sleek and Smooth for Summer

If you're looking for easy but stylish hair this summer try a version of Kristin Cavalleri's hairstyle. This Laguna Beach-worthy hairstyle is best suited for naturally straight hair but can be achieved on wavy hair with a little bit of help from the proper hair products.

The cut for Kristin Cavalleri's hairstyle is a shoulder length bob with heavy layering in the last two inches of length via a razor cut. These layers will give movement to the hairstyle and allow for a slight flipping of the ends of the hair. The bang section is left long, at least nose length, and swept to the side.

To style Kristin Cavalleri's hairstyle use a texturizing hair crème or, if you have wavy hair, a straightening balm. Apply the hair product to damp hair, give your hair a deep side part, and blow dry with a large paddle brush. You don't want a lot of volume in this hairstyle, so use the brush to get a little lift at the roots but keep the rest of the hair straight and sleek.

Be sure to sweep the long bang section across your forehead, blending the ends of the bang in with the rest of your hair. When it comes to the layered ends, give them a slight bend with your paddle brush to gently flip the ends. Once your hairstyle is dry, take a small amount of hairstyling wax and apply it to the bang area to help it stay swept to the side. Finish off with a light misting of hairspray.


New Hairstyles: In With a Bang

Bangs are big right now but not just any bang will do. New hairstyles that are sporting a fringe are doing so in a side-swept manner.

This easy addition to new hairstyles keeps the style looking laid back and casual. To make the most of your swept bangs part your hair on the side and keep bangs at least eyebrow length. When drying your hair use a vent brush and gently coax and smooth your bangs to the side. If they tend to want to migrate back to the middle mist with some hairspray but try not to overdo it. Side-swept bangs work best when they can be casually flicked with a finger so make sure they can still move at least a little.


Keeping it Simple with Jessica Alba's Hairstyle

Jessica Alba's hairstyle always looks stunning but the simple style is easily obtained with the right hair cut and some well placed highlights.

When getting your hair cut to look like Jessica Alba's hairstyle ask for a shoulder length bob. Long layers added around the face allow you to blow dry them back for a sexy flip when styling. To complete the look, have your stylist add very subtle highlights throughout your hair to mimic a “sun kissed” look. Both the cut and color are very easy to maintain—simply have your hair trimmed once every four to six weeks to Keep the ends looking healthy and have your highlights freshened up once every three months or as needed.

To style Jessica Alba's hairstyle use a styling spray on damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush. Bend the ends of the hair under and your face-framing layers should be flipped back off the face. A side part works best for this style. Feel free to enlist the help of a large barrel curling iron to set in the flip on the side but do make sure to keep the waves loose and subtle. You're looking for movement off the face but don't want to mimic the Farrah Faucet look. Finish off with a light hair spray to hold the flip.


Radiant in Red: Julianne Moore's Hairstyle

Julianne Moore's hairstyle may be simple but it's her knock-out hair color that really makes her mane shine. If you want your hair to get noticed but aren't keen on a radical hair cut take a cue from Julianne's hair and make your statement with color.

The cut in Julianne Moore's hairstyle is a basic, shoulder length cut with minimal layering added in the last few inches to create movement. What really makes people take note of her gorgeous hair is the beautiful medium copper brown color. This shade works well on those with either fair complexions or as dark as a medium complexion and will work well with either dark or light eyes. To add even more “pop” to this color, add subtle copper-blonde highlights around the face just as in Julianne Moore's hairstyle.

To recreate Julianne Moore's hairstyle apply a volumizing mousse to damp, straight hair and blow dry with a large paddle brush. When hair is completely dry take large sections of your hair and curl them around a large barreled curling iron. You only want subtle waves, not defined curls, so make sure the hair sections are large and simple bend them with the iron instead of creating ringlets. Finger comb the waves into place and finish off with a misting of a spray shine to really enhance the color.


New Hairstyles: Beyonce's Elegant Style

Looking for an elegant new hairstyle for an evening out but don't want a full blown updo? Try Beyonce's updo hybrid by blowing hair dry and adding some bend to your hair with a curling iron (unless you all ready have wavy hair—then skip the iron).

Next, tease the top of your hair for volume and then pull the sides back and down to the nape of the neck. Loop those sections with a third at the middle, as if you were doing a French braid and fasten with a clip or pins. The effect is like a glamorous, low riding pony tail with a twist.


Romantic Hairstyles

For romantic hairstyles like no other, enlist the power of nature. Blow dry long hair that has had a volumizing mousse to it, giving your hair a side part. Once dry take a large barreled curling iron and vertically curl large spirals into the bottom two thirds of your hair, starting no higher than the bottom of the ear.

Separate curls with a light hair wax by finger combing the hair very gently. For the touch of nature, use one or two bobby pins to sleek back one side and add a silk or real flower by attaching it to one of the bobby pins.


Medium Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles are a great length for those who want to avoid the styling constraints of short hair but don't want to have to put in the time to style long hair.

Rebecca Budig's medium length hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds. This medium hairstyle sits just above the shoulders and is layered via a razor cut just at the ends. This light layering allows for a fun flip at the bottom which adds extra interest to the standard bob.

Medium hairstyles such as this one are a breeze to style. Simply apply a styling cream to damp hair and blow dry with a vent brush. Start at the roots and angle the blow drier down for smoothness. Once you get to the ends of the hair wrap the very ends around the brush and dry from underneath to create the flip effect. Use a small misting of hairspray to hold the ends if necessary.


Straight Hairstyles

Though usually known for her bouncy, spiral curls, Sarah Jessica Parker's straight hairstyle is also a head turner.

This straight hairstyle is chest length and layered only slightly in the bottom front portion. To get this straight hairstyle use a straightening balm on damp hair and blow dry with a flat-backed metal brush. Flat iron where necessary for a super sleek look and finish up by applying a little shine serum to the surface to add gloss and smooth any fly away hairs.


Short Curly and Wavy Hairstyles

With curly and wavy hairstyles making a huge comeback these days those with natural curl can finally rejoice. Here are a few hairstyles that make the most out of what nature gave you.

For those of you that prefer shorter curly and wavy hairstyles take a style cue from Nip/Tuck's Kelly Carlson. Her short bob is layered throughout with the sides having been angled slightly shorter to allow the curls to better frame the face.

To achieve a glamorous style from these types of curly and wavy hairstyles apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and scrunch curls dry with a diffuser. Once dry, shape curls by winding them around a curling iron. Finish up by using a little hair pomade to gently finger tousle the curls for a natural but sexy separated effect.


Romantic Hairstyles

When we think romantic hairstyles the image of soft, flowing waves usually comes to mind. To get your own version of a romantic hairstyle try copying Joss Stone's almost updo.

To begin, mist long hair with a spray gel and set hair on large Velcro rollers. You'll be aiming for soft waves, not a head full of curls, so don't go too small with the roller size. Once hair has dried unwrap rollers and gently separate curls a bit with your fingers.

Now sweep the sides and front of hair back with your hands. Don't be severe; make sure to leave volume and not have the hair pulled back tightly. While holding this section of your hair back pull a few medium sized pieces back out around the temples and front to be used to frame the face.

Now secure the hair your holding with a large barrette or elastic. For a finishing touch coat fingers with hair pomade and further separate and define your waves, especially those you pulled out to frame your face. Mist with a light hairspray.


Updo Hairstyles: The Faux Mohawk

You're not alone if you're first though of Mohawk updo hairstyles is “What?!” Yet celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Paris Hilton have taken this “Mr. T” hairstyle and adapted it for a glamorous evening look.

To get this updo hairstyle add a volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow dry hair back off the face. If you have wavy hair scrunch the curl in and if your hair is straight use a large curling iron or rollers to add a little bend to your hair.

Now tease the hair on top to achieve volume. Once that is done take bobby pins and pin up the sides, starting at the front and working to the nape of the neck, until you have a Mohawk effect. Finish with a firm holding hair spray.


Short Hairstyles

For those of you who love really short hairstyles check out Honey Labrador's ultra short pixie cut.

This short hairstyle is razor cut into many layers with the hair just covering the tips of the ears and the bangs wisped. To style this short hairstyle apply a styling cream to damp, just washed hair and push into place with your hands. No need to blow dry this short hairstyle as the razor effect is accentuated by the “wet look”.

To add a little more dimension to this short hairstyle try adding subtle highlights around the face and a few at the top to catch the light.


Romantic Hairstyles

For a retro romantic hairstyle try your own version of Nicole Richie's wavy bob.

Your hair should be shoulder length and blow dried straight. Next mist two-inch sections of the hair and set on foam rollers horizontally. Use your blow drier on high for five minutes and then let cool for twenty minutes.

Once dry, carefully unwind the hair and gently place the waves so they sit uniformly together. Don't finger comb this style as it will only make the waves puffy and this style works best as sleek waves. Mist on a shine spray and you're good to go.


Long Curly and Wavy Hairstyles

Everywhere you look these days celebrities are sporting long, beautiful waves. Here are a few examples of how long and curly or wavy hairstyles can be worn.

The loose, wavy hairstyles, such as the one Kate Hudson has, relies on long layers to show off her soft waves. The length is well past the shoulders and the long, side swooped bang adds allure. Use a volumizing mousse or spray gel and either let air dry for a daytime look or use a diffuser and scrunch waves into place.

Teri Hatcher's picture perfect wavy hairstyle is achieved by setting one length hair on medium sized Velcro rollers. Mist damp hair with spray gel and set with rollers and either let air dry or use your blow drier to speed things up. Once the hair is dry apply pomade to your hands and gently finger comb your hair to separate the waves. Finish off with a light hair spray.

For a bigger, curly hairstyle such as Penelope Cruz's full locks use a curl booster on damp hair and diffuse dry. Flip your head upside down for the last few minutes of drying and scrunch curls to lock them in. Touch up curls with a curling iron if necessary and mist with hairspray to finish.


Hairstyles: For Straight & Fine Hair

So Mother Nature saddled you with both straight and fine hair did she? Not to worry, there are great hairstyles out there for even this difficult hair type.

Bob It: Go for an asymmetrical bob hairstyle that sits at the chin. Have the ends cut blunt with a deep side part as this will work well with hair that is naturally going to want to sit flat. Add highlights for both interest and to give a little extra body to those limp locks.

To style simply add a lightweight volumizing spray or spray gel and blow dry with a large paddle brush. Mist lightly with hair spray but do try and keep products to a minimum as fine hairstyles get overloaded with heavy products very easily.


Straight Hairstyles

To achieve the sleek, straight hairstyles that are so popular these days it helps to have the right cut, hair products and styling tools.

For those with naturally straight hair most styling problems are solved for you. With this type of hair you can go either one length, or slightly layered and sport either medium or long hair. For those who have naturally wavy hair you will want to avoid layers whenever possible and have as much length as you can. Extra length in wavy hair acts as its own straightening tool and will help keep any waves to a minimum. Adding layers to wavy hair will just accentuate the waves so try to avoid them.

Straightening balms are a straight hairstyle's best friend. Even for naturally straight hair, but especially for wavy hair, a straightening balm with a silicone additive will help smooth the hair and keep fly away hair at bay.

Using a vent brush with a metal paddle and a blow drier with a nozzle attachment will aid in getting your hair as sleek as possible during the drying process. The straighter you can get your hair while drying the less you'll have to use high heat tools such as flat irons which can dry out the hair if overused. Do enlist the help of a flat iron, though, for the final step as they put the finishing touch on super sleek, straight hairstyles. Just don't rely on them to do all the work for you.


Medium Curly and Wavy Hairstyles

For medium length curly and wavy hairstyles try a style such as Kate Bosworth's beach-like waves.

For curly hairstyles try and keep the length to at least the shoulders as the extra weight will help weigh down your curls a bit. Layers should be slight and only in the last few inches of length. To style use a straightening balm and blow dry with a diffuser, using your fingers to gently tug on the curls to smooth them out somewhat.

For wavy hairstyles keep the length at the shoulders with layers starting at chin length. To style use a mousse in damp hair and scrunch hair while using a diffuser.


Long Hairstyles: Growing Your Hair Out

With long hairstyles being so prevalent these days many women are finding themselves in a “grow out” situation with their hair. While this process can tempt you to start pulling out your hair in frustration if you follow a couple of simple rules it can be a fairly painless process.

Growing out your layers: If your starting point is a short, layered cut and your goal is a slightly layered or one length long hairstyle it's best to sacrifice some hair length. Keeping your length trimmed, or even giving up a few inches in the beginning, will help your short layers appear longer and enable them to catch up. This process will also keep your hairstyle looking more polished during the “grow out” period.

Alternately, if you just can't bring yourself to give up any hair length you've gained try playing with different layering effects. Many long hairstyles these days are relying on layering to add body and movement so go ahead and add some layers around the face and let any short layers you have grow out slowly. To keep long hairstyles looking current enlist the help of a large barrel curling iron or Velcro rollers for some soft body once your layers get long enough.


Medium Hairstyles

For a medium hairstyle with lots of styling options try Patricia Arquette's shoulder length bob.

This medium hairstyle is layered at the very ends and around the face to create fullness and frame the face. The full bang is cut at just above eyebrow length and worn across the forehead.

To style medium hairstyles such as this use a volumizing mousse on damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush. Make sure to blow dry the layered sides in towards the face. Once dried use a small amount of styling wax to give the face framing layers some definition.


Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are at risk of becoming boring due to a lack of styling versatility but this can be combated with an out of this world hair color.

Reds are always a winner if you've got the skin coloring for them and nothing spices up short hairstyles like a bright cherry red hair color. If you don't think you're brave enough for a full blown red ask your stylist for something in an auburn shade which mixes red with brown for a rich warm tone.

If brunette is more to your liking try deepening your shade to a rich, warm chocolate brown or a deep walnut shade for those who look better in cooler shades. You can also play with brunettes by adding subtle highlights in a shade or two lighter around the face for added interest.

Blondes may have more fun but only if the shade is right. Avoid brassy, golden blondes and sick to the paler shades. To avoid looking washed out have your stylist add depth either on top or just underneath the fringe with a slightly darker shade.

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