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How can I get a cute retro style for my short hair?

Christina Aguliera's Retro 50s Style

They say everything old is new again, so if you feel like channeling Olivia Newton-John and getting glammed up in retro style, try these tips on your short to medium length hair. For a style reminiscent of the 1950s, like the one Christina Aguilera has been wearing recently, you will need to pull out the rollers.

1) Take damp hair and run setting lotion throughout.

2) Then set your hair all over on medium size rollers.

3) Either let your hair dry naturally (best), or sit under a bonnet dryer until dry.

4) Once you are certain your hair is completely dry, take the rollers out and gently pick through them with the tail of a rat-tail comb.

5) Next, you will need to tease all over at the roots, to get the volume that picks those curls up. If your hair doesn't tease as easily as you would like, use a little hairspray as you go, which will make the process go faster.

6) Once you have an appropriate amount of volume at the roots, gently smooth the visible hair over so none of the teasing shows.

7) With a medium barrel curling iron, touch up any curls that are not just right.

8) Finally, this style needs control, so use a generous amount of shine enhancing hairspray to keep it all in place.

This style requires a lot of teasing and hairspray. To avoid damaging your hair when you take it down, wash your hair twice with a gentle shampoo, then put a generous amount of conditioner in. While the conditioner is in your hair, take a wide tooth comb and gently work the tangles out. Take your time and you will be able to get your hair clean and tangle free without causing damage.

How does Cybill Shepherd's look stay so timeless?

Cybill Shepherd's Light Layers

After three decades in the business, Cybill Shepherd continues to 'wow' with her stunning face and amazing talent. Ms. Shepherd's hairstyle has gone a little softer since her Moonlighting days and the look is timeless. To get Cybill's pretty look simply follow these easy steps.

1) Cybill's fine hair is cut into a just above the shoulders bob, with soft layering from the temples down.

2) Take dry hair and set on medium size hot rollers. Allow rollers to cool completely.

3) Remove your hair from the rollers and shake curls free with your hands.

4) Part hair on one side. If you need a little height, tease your hair slightly at the crown and smooth over.

5) Use a three prong pic to set hair in place.

6) Add a little shine enhancing hairspray to hold it all in place.

How do I style a bob like Kelly Clarkson's?

Kelly Clarkson's Angled Bob

Kelly Clarkson's no fuss style starts with her hair. This pop rocker's pretty bob is cut just a little shorter in the back and angled down in front. To copy this look, have your cosmetologist simulate Kelly's cut, using a razor to give your hair some texture and add light layers at the ends.

To style your hair like Ms. Clarkson:

1) Shampoo and creme rinse, then towel dry.

2) Use a little glossing product, like Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum, run it through damp hair, avoiding roots.

3) Apply just a little mousse at the roots, then blow dry hair upside down,

4) Next, use a high quality flat iron, like a Sedu, to straighten hair and give it a nice sheen.

5) Comb hair into place, parting it off to one side.

6) If you have any flyaways, use just a little more serum on dry hair to tame them.

Remember that a cut like this needs to stay fresh to look right. To maintain your style, make an appointment with your cosmetologist for a trim every four to six weeks.

How can I do a spiked style that's not over the top?

Kimberly Caldwell's Punky Style

Since her "American Idol" days, Kimberly Caldwell has made the most of her moment in the spotlight. Though she was eliminated from the singing competition, she never failed to let her sparkling personality shine through. That personality is what caught and held America's attention. As a hostess for the TV Guide channel, Kimberly dishes on the comings and going of our favorite (and no so favorite) celebrities, and spends Idol season using her personal experience to help viewers speculate on who will be the next idol winner.

Kimberly's personal style includes her now adorably short hair. To get a look like Kimberly's, you will want to have your hair cut in short all over layers of about three inches. Kimberly's hair is generally worn in a spiky style. It is one that does not stand up however as the spikes fall into a natural hair pattern, which makes this an sweet, rather than shocking, punk inspired style.

Miss Caldwell's secret for getting a great spiky look all over is in using the right products. On clean dry hair, run a spiking product like Bed Head's Hard Head through the hair. Use only a little at a time as you can always add more, but once it's in there it will take a trip to the shampoo bowl to get it out if you overdo. With the product in but still plyable, take the pic end of a metal comb and gently move the spikes into place. If you need added control, take a little hairspray and spray the root. Then comb the hair into place while using a blow dryer set on low fan but medium to high heat to set the product and force the hair into place. Once the style is just as you like it, it should not need any additional hairspray.

Remember that this style involves lots of very stiff product. To keep from damaging your hair, be sure to shampoo and condition before going at it with a brush or comb.

Can I get the same look whether my hair is straight or curly?

Kellie Pickler's Chin Length Bob

Recently Kellie Pickler decided to separate herself from the other "country girls" out there and cut off her long blond hair. The result is a beautiful chin length bob that brings out Kellie's face and sets her style apart.

If you would like a look like Kellie's, have your cosmetologist cut your hair into a chin length bob with some long bangs. She will need to use a razor to do some cutting which will give your hair some texture and add light layers to the ends.

If your hair is naturally straight--you will just want to shampoo, then blow dry upside down to give your hair a little lift. If your hair tends to fall flat, use a little gel at the roots to help give you that volume. Once the hair is dry, a run a pea sized amount of glossing serum, like John Frieda's Frizz Ease through the hair to add a nice sheen and prevent flyaways. Comb your hair into place and, if the occasion calls for it, use a little shine enhancing hairspray to keep it in place.

If your hair is naturally wavy--wash and condition your hair, then wring the excess moisture from the hair, but do not yet towel dry. While your hair is still wet, add about a nickel's worth of John Frieda's Frizz Ease hair serum or similar product through, working it in as evenly as possible. Next towel dry, then blow dry your hair, pulling it straight with a vent or Denman brush. Once your hair is dry, use a high quality flat iron, like a Sedu, all over to pull your hair straight. The added benefit of flat ironing your hair is that it tends to give it a nice sheen. Once your hair is straight all over, use just a little--very little--molding product to hold hair in place. Finally, if the occasion calls for it, use a little shine enhancing hairspray to keep it in place.

How can I copy Eva Mendez's new short style?

Get Eva Mendez's Short Style

Eva Mendez recently abandoned her trademark long hair for a simpler short style. Short doesn't mean anything less than sexy though, as Eva's pretty bob clearly shows. To get a look like Eva's, have your hair cut into a just above the shoulders bob, and then follow these simple tips.

After you shampoo and condition, wring excess water from the hair but do not yet towel dry. Then put about a quarter's worth of frizz reducing hair serum in your hand and rub hands together. Run the serum evenly throughout the hair, coating the hair shafts completely. Then, towel dry followed by blow drying the hair upside down. Once you hair is completely dry, use a large barrel curling iron on the ends to give a little curl and a pretty flip. Finally, use a little shine enhancing hairspray, just to hold it all in place.

Can you recommend any hairstyles that are best for women with thinning hair?

Hairstyles For Women With Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be devastating, especially for women. For women suffering from female pattern baldness there are some hairstyles and styling tricks that can help camouflage your thinning hair. The first step to creating fullness where there is none is to cut your hair short. This sounds counterproductive, but it will actually make your hair appear thicker. Long hair weighs itself down and exposes your scalp even more. Shorter hairstyles naturally create more lift and volume and make hiding your scalp much easier.

Using the right hair products can also help in the battle against thinning hair. Use shampoos, such as Nioxin, that help plump up fine hair and make the scalp healthy. Volumizing styling products will also help give limp hairstyles more volume. When blow drying your hair, concentrate on the roots to create lift, but don't blast too much super hot air at your hair. Thinning hair is already fragile and you don't want to compound the problem with heat damage so stick with a cooler setting when styling. Using a medium-sized curling iron or flat iron will also help achieve lift and help your hair appear thicker. Just don't create too much height on top or you'll expose your scalp. Aim for fullness that covers your thinning as best as possible.

I love those straight Sedu styles but unfortunately I don’t have long hair. Are there any Sedu styles for hair that is chin length?

Rihanna: Taking Sedu Short Hairstyles To New Lengths

Sedu hairstyles are known for their signature long and sleek styles. But, did you know you can also create amazing sedu short hairstyles? Many celebrity short haircuts are created using the famous Sedu flat iron and you can make your short style even better with this amazing iron, too.

Singing sensation Rihanna sports a wickedly asymmetrical bob with heavily razored ends. This stunningly sleek version of the bob stands out thanks to its graduated lengths that are shorter in the back and dramatically longer in the front. The ends from the chin down are razored to radical wisps. To style these types of Sedu short hairstyles, use a straightening balm on damp hair and blow dry hair straight with a vent brush. Use a Sedu iron to smooth the hair straight with a slight bend under at the ends. Use a lightweight hair wax to define the ends into pointed wisps and finish off with a shine enhancing spray.

This hairstyle and other similar celebrity short haircuts work best on straight hair. The beauty of this hairstyle is it can work on both fine and thick hair. The only concession you'll need to make with fine hair is the ends will need less razoring so they won't be too thin. For fine hair, you might want to try a lighter spray-in styling product so your hair doesn't get weighed down too much by a heavier product.

What haircut should I consider if I want to go really short?

Alyssa Milano's Sweet Pixie Cut

Every once in a while a girl just wants to chuck it all and cut off her hair. Before you reach for the clippers (note the absence of any pop tart remarks here), take a page from Alyssa Milano's book and consider the amazingly cute pixie cut she got just a few years ago.

To emulate Alyssa's style you simply need to ask your cosmetologist for a pixie cut of about one and a half to two inches in length. Alyssa's hair has a natural loose curl to it, which makes styling this cut a breeze.

After shampooing, add about a quarter's worth of gel or molding mud depending on the thickness and texture of your hair. Rub the product through the hair all over and taking a round brush curl the hair up all over as you blow dry on a low setting. Once the hair is dry, you can use a medium barrel curling iron if needed, anywhere you aren't satisfied with the set of the curl.

Don't let yourself think this is a style that only looks good in a casual environment. While he hair is short, Alyssa still dresses it up for special occasions by wearing pretty little clips and jewels in her hair.

Remember, this is a cut that really shows off your pretty face. Don't try this in the middle of a breakout or other complexion crisis.

How can I get a cute style like Meg Ryan's?

Meg Ryan's Long Wedge

If a style like Meg Ryan's You've Got Mail look is right up your alley, talk to your cosmetologist about giving you a long wedge. This cut gives you the short length you need in the back, yet still leaves the top long enough to give you versatility. To emulate Meg's look, have her cut the bangs long, which will leave you with the ability to wear them down or sweep them to the side. Once you have your cut, use these simple tips to style it like a pro.

1) After shampooing, dry hair upside down to give it added volume.

2) Naturally straight or gently wavy hair should be set on top in large hot rollers or curled with a large barrel curling iron. Very wavy or naturally curly hair should be straightened. Use a Sedu or other high quality flat iron to straighten hair. At the ends, a gentle turn of the wrist will give your hair just the hint of a wave like Meg.

3) Once hair has been set, use a little piecing product on it along with a three tine pick to cause it to set in soft sections.

4) Finally, use some shine enhancing hair spray, to add sheen and keep it in place.

What is a good no nonsense style for short hair?

Katie Couric's No Nonsense Style

An anchorwoman like Katie Couric needs a no nonsense look that says she is down to business in every way. Her trademark honey blond tresses are kept in an easy to care for style that reflects the serious nature of her position as an icon of national news. Katie has her medium textured hair cut into an easy shoulder length bob that has been layered from her temples down. A flat iron, such as a Sedu, is then run through her hair and turned under just slightly at the ends. The flat iron takes any natural wave out of the hair and brings it to a glossy shine. Around her face, the bangs are ironed into place by using a gentle flip of the wrist back and away from the brow. Once her hair is in place, Katie cannot afford any surprises, so shine enhancing hairspray keeps everything in place.

Can you tell me what types of funky short hairstyles are in right now?

Short Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Want to make the most out of your natural waves? Try one of the popular short hairstyles that make those waves the focus of your hairstyle. Take Keira Knightly's wavy bob. Her loose, tousled waves add a new dimension to the plain old bob. To duplicate Keira's look, apply a curl-enhancing styling product to damp hair and use a diffuser on a low setting to scrunch curls into place. If necessary, touch up curls with a large barreled curling iron, but don't go overboard. This hairstyle is meant to be casual so don't aim for perfectly symmetrical curls.

For a shaggier version of the traditional pixie cut, try short hairstyles such as Elisha Cuthbert's razored style. The top is layered to a medium length with a razor to create wispy texture. The sides and back are also razored with the sides falling at ear lobe level. Leave just enough length in the back for a subtle flip.

To style these types of short hairstyles, use a texturizing cream in damp hair. Blow dry your hair using your fingers as a brush for that messy look. Sweep the top over to one side in a zigzag part and let the sides and back fall naturally in tousled layers. Finish off by using pomade to define your layers — especially at the front and sides.

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