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Should I color my gray hair or let it go?

Anderson Cooper--Making Gray Sexy

If you've seen Anderson Cooper's show 360, you know that this 40-year-old lacks nothing in the charisma department. One thing he has lost, however, is the pigment from his hair. Though Cooper has gone prematurely gray, it has done nothing to detract from his looks. As a matter of fact, he has been praised for not going the "Hollywood route" and coloring it. Indeed, in his early career, Anderson was young for such a hard hitting journalist; and letting his gray show may have even added to his credibility.

For many people, such a young face clashes with silver locks, but if you, like Anderson have the face of a 20-something and the hair of a 60-something, maybe you should take a hint from Taylor Hicks and follow Mr. Cooper down this little traveled road.

The trick to making this look work is keeping the hair trimmed into a no-nonsense business style. Keeping the hair short keeps the focus on your face and off of your scalp. Keep in mind also, silver hair requires special treatment to keep it that way. Chlorine from swimming, reaction to the temples of your glasses, and even products not made for gray hair can all cause discoloration. Use products designed especially for your hair. American Crew's Classic Gray is one of the many lines made to keep the color and condition of gray hair in top notch shape.

How can I make my hair look like I've spent the day at the beach?

Keanu Reeves' Surfer Style

Keanu Reeves style says surfer, right down (or should we say up) to his hair. It is long after Johnny Utah left L.A., but Keanu still looks like he could hit the beach at any time.

This look works best on men with medium textured and slightly wavy hair. The thing with surfer guys, whether they are blonds or brunettes, is that they always look like they spend a lot more time catching waves than worrying about their 'do.' From a short cut, it can take up to a year to grow your hair into a decent surfer style. Once you get there though, all it takes is the occasional trim to maintain the look.

If you can't get to the beach, you can get sexy beach hair anyway. There are actually products out there designed to mimic the soft waves hair naturally falls into after an afternoon soaking in salt water. Try some Ocean Waves Sea Spray by John Frieda or Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble. To get a more Keanu like look, once the hair is dry, take a little piecing product and work it in to cause the hair to fall in sections.

Now just tuck those rogue strands behind your ear and master the 'hair flip for surfers', and you will be surfin'! (Or at least look like it.)

When should I give up and shave my head?

Reaching for the Razor

Today's male celebrities are starting to realize something we ladies have known for ages--there is nothing sexy about the comb-over. So gentlemen, when the bald spot in the back gets to be too much or the receding hairline looks like it's heading for your collar, maybe it's time to visit the barber for a little tough love. A-listers like Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan have been sporting this look for years, so why not give it a shot?

For your first time it is probably best to see the barber. He will cut your hair as close to the head as possible with clippers before taking to your dome with a straight razor, which will give you the closest shave possible. While you are there, ask your barber for tips on how to keep your scalp healthy. White men will need to get some non-comedogenic sunscreen to protect their heads, while black men will need to talk to their barbers about how to avoid razor bumps.

At home you can maintain the look between professional shaves with a high quality triple blade razor. As with your face, it is easiest to use a blade on hair that is warm and wet, so the best time to shave is probably immediately after a hot shower. Remember to keep some after shave or low percentage (50%) rubbing alcohol around to put on your head immediately after shaving; it stings a little, but keeps bacteria from causing you problems.

Can I get my fine hair to spike up?

Ty Pennington's Spiky Style

Ty Pennington represents a new kind of home improvement guru. He proves you don't need a beard (or a bearded sidekick) to bring home improvement tips and inspiration to the masses. He's young, fit, and has a cool, spiky head of hair. If you want to get Ty's spiky look all you need is straight to wavy hair. Thanks to modern products, thick or thin, coarse or fine, you can probably get your hair to stand on end too.

For hair like Ty's, have your barber or cosmetologist cut your hair a little shorter on the sides and leave enough to spike it on top. Then use a spiking product like Got 2b Glued to spike the hair up. You can use a comb and blow dryer on low setting if your want to have perfect control over your spikes, or you can just grab the hair in bunches and pull it up into a spiky look. To get the most height out of your spikes, remember to work against the way your hair naturally falls.

To keep your hair healthy, remember brushing hair with heavy products in it can cause the hair to break. Wet your hair down before trying to work with it again. This will soften the products and reduce breakage. Also, keep a bottle of Neutrogena shampoo handy. Washing your hair for a week with this shampoo is known to strip out old product residue. When you aren't wanting to be spiked you'll appreciate how truly clean hair feels.

How can I get a look like Brad Pitt's?

Get Brad Pitt's Sexy Style

If there is one thing Brad Pitt has - besides acting chops, millions of adoring fans and Angelina Jolie of course - it's style. And no man ever caused so much hullabaloo over his hair as Mr. Pitt did when he chopped off his gorgeous locks before filming the thriller 13 Monkeys.

Since then it's been long and short, blond and brown, spiked and straight. The thing to remember about Brad is that his hair is more a reflection of the character he is currently playing than it is of himself. So when you want to channel Mr. Pitt through your hairstyle, think of which character you relate to best. Are you feeling a little naughty? You might want to go with a short, all over clipper cut like Brad wore to play Rusty Ryan in the Ocean's Eleven franchise. Want to look like a real tough guy? Try growing it out a little longer on top and get some spiking gel to mimic Brad's Fight Club look. Or, do you feel solitary, like a lonely soul just watching the world change? Then do nothing, because it will take two to three years to grow out your locks like Brad in Interview with the Vampire. But hey, that will give you plenty of time to have your custom fangs crafted.

What if you just want an easy Pitt-like look? Well, take a look at Brad between films. He's either got his hair cut very short, as in out of his face and needing no special attention; or it's in some state of growing out from his last film, as though he just hasn't thought about it. So basically, Brad is a typical guy when it comes to his hair.

Remember, though his early career made good use of his thick straight tresses, Brad is way more than his hair. If you want to get a bit of that Brad Pitt swagger, it doesn't take perfect hair or an A-list actress on your arm; it just takes confidence, and doing a little bit to help end world poverty wouldn't hurt either.

What men's haircut is really versatile?

Leonardo DiCaprio's Versatile Bowl Cut

While he has had many hairstyles over the years, Leonardo DiCaprio will always be remembered for the adorable boyish charm of the bowl cut worn in his first mega-hit, Titanic. Since then he has come back to this style many times. It can be swept straight back, worn short and parted down the middle or slicked to the side with a little gel. When one needs to be many different people as actors do, a slightly longer bowl cut makes a great stand-by. It also looks great as it is growing out, which adds to the versatility.

To make this cut work as well for you as it does for Leo, you will need thick, straight to slightly wavy hair. Your barber or cosmetologist will know this cut well. You just need to decide how much hair you want to maintain on top and whether you want to blunt cut the ends of the "bowl" or have them slightly tapered. Not too much blending though, or you won't have a bowl cut at all and you will loose that versatility. In the back and a little on the sides, they will clipper cut your hair, which helps to make this an easy-care style. To maintain the look, make sure you use products designed for your type of hair and get regular trims to hold the style and eliminate split ends.

What can a guy do with naturally curly hair?

Adrian Grenier's Boyish Curls

Adrian Grenier, the star of HBO's Entourage, has something special going for him--a thick mass of gorgeous curls. If you have naturally curly hair, or if you are willing to maintain a perm, you can get a look like Adrian's. Keep in mind, curly hair, whether natural or chemically treated, takes a little extra time and care. But the results are so very worth it!

To get Grenier's all over curls. Simply have your curly hair cut to one length all over. A talented stylist will be able to cut the hair at a length that brings life to your curls without letting them get so long that they seem unkempt before your next cut. To keep those curls under control and not looking too much like a "fro" you will want to use curl defining products from start to finish. A line like John Frieda's Frizz Ease or L'Oreal's Studio Line is designed to work together from shampoo to finished style. At the minimum, you should wash and condition, then use curl defining mousse or spray to hold those curls together. Most guys should also use a laminate like Frizz Ease hair serum or a spray like Studio Line Shine Seeker to control those frizzies and keep the hair looking healthy. Keep in mind, you must maintain your cut or those curls will get out of hand. Make an appointment with your stylist every four to six weeks. This will keep your style fresh and eliminate split ends-the enemy of naturally curly hair.

How can I get my curly hair under control?

Justin Timberlake's Grown-Up Style

Ah, Justin Timberlake! From Mickey Mouse Club to A-list celebrity, he's the one we've all been watching. We may have thought he was growing up slowly in front of our eyes; but when Justin Timberlake cut off his allover curls, he turned from boy to man overnight. Timberlake maintained the adorable curls right up to the release of his first solo album. The "curly-top" look was part of his N-Sync persona, and a complementary style to everyone else in the group. But when it was time to prove his talents solo, it was also time to shed the boyish look and take on a more adult, no-nonsense style.

If you have naturally curly hair, you can get a look like Justin's. Justin's hair is clipper cut short on the sides and in the back, and scissor cut a little longer on top. A good stylist will be able to cut your hair so it is short enough that it stays under control between cuts. On top, Justin often has blond highlights added to his light brown curls.

To keep your hair looking great between visits to the stylist, you will want to use products that work with and not against the curls on top. Try a line designed for curly hair like L'Oreal's Studio Line, which has products designed to work together from shampoo from finish. After washing, use a little mousse or styling spritz to keep the curls together. Don't forget to get your hair trimmed on a regular schedule. Besides maintaining the look, it will ensure you are regularly eliminating split ends, which can easily ruin the look of any curly style.

How can I take advantage of my thick, coarse hair?

From Dreads to 'Fro's -- The Looks of Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz makes beautiful music; but if he couldn't play a lick his constantly changing looks would still give us something to talk about. From the long to the short of it, here's how you can get your favorite Kravitz look.

Long Dreadlocks --thick, coarse hair that is at least past the shoulders can handle this style. If your hair is the right texture but just a little short, you can get extensions as well. There are various ways of making dreadlocks, but this is one of the easiest. Wash your hair and let it air dry. Then section off your hair. The bigger the dreads you want the bigger the sections. Starting at the base of your skull and working up and forward, make the dreads one at a time by rolling the hair back and forth between your palms. You can also work extensions into your own hair in this manner as well, just make sure you have allowed enough hair for the extensions and your hair to get a firm lock on one another. Once the dread-lock is well formed, put a little product, like dread wax on your palms and work it in. Only use a little wax at a time. This will eliminate any frizz left over and condition your hair. Once your dreadlocks are in place, take care of them by using hair products specially made for this style. One line that comes highly recommended is Dread Head.

Afro --Lenny tends to let his big afro show the natural growth of his hair. If it's longer in one place than another that's all right, as long as it's not too crazy. To take care of a look like this, all you need is thick coarse hair, a pic to comb it and get it in place, and products designed to take care of your hair. The StaSofFro products come highly recommended. If you want your hair to grow, be gentle with it and make sure it stays well conditioned. If you aren't quite as adventurous with your "fro" as Lenny, see your barber, who can give you a nice trim that not only evens out the length, but cuts off any split ends.

Shorter Dreadlocks --the steps for getting locks like these are similar to long dreadlocks. Just know extensions are harder to add to short hair. You will need some hair to start with no matter what, but if you are set on dreads in a hurry, see a stylist who is experienced in extensions. She will be able to give you ideas and options for getting this look faster.

The Short and Spiky Afro --to get an afro like this, see your stylist to cut the hair shorter in the back, and possibly thin out the top and side sections. The thinning will cause the remaining long hair to spike up between the shorter sections. Use molding mud, just a little at a time, to help shape and give the hair the look you want.

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