Hot New Celebrity Hairstyles

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Hot New Celebrity Hairstyles

For those of you looking for a new trend in celebrity hairstyles this season one of the hottest hairstyles making a comeback is the updated bob. No longer the boring straight hairstyle of the past this new favorite has a fresh new look with lots of options.

From Paris Hilton's smart, chin length version to Sienna Miller's pixie-like crop many of the once flowing celebrity hairstyles are getting short and sassy.

The best part of this new hairstyle is that it is so versatile that there's literally a version for everyone. Have a long face shape? A chin length bob with bangs will give the illusion of width. Alternately, if you have a wide face you should opt for a longer version of this style that sits below the chin.

If you're afraid a bob is too boring for you don't forget that this style does not have to be one length. If you prefer a more glamorous version of this celebrity hairstyle you can always have your stylist incorporate long layers, like Charlize Theron's version of this hairstyle. This gives you the versatility to either use large rollers for some soft waves or flip up the ends for a totally different take on a tried and true hairstyle.



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