Lindsay Lohan's Hairstyles: Going Brunette

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Lindsay Lohan's Hairstyles: Going Brunette

Lindsay Lohan's hairstyles have run the gamut of hair color from light blonde to dark, sultry brunette. Changing your hair color this often can be a fun way to transform your look but there are special considerations to take into account when going drastically darker.

If your hair color is a light blonde but you'd love to have the color of one of Lindsay Lohan's darker hairstyles your colorist may have to do this process in two steps. All hair colors have what is called an underlying pigment which, if left out of the coloring process, can make your new, darker hair appear to have a green hue to it. In most cases your stylist will do a process called pre-pigmentation in which the underlying color of red, which is the base of all browns, is first applied to the hair. Once this process is done the brunette color can be applied over top and the result is a nice, rich brown without the ashy, green undertone.

To keep your brunette color from fading too fast try one of the many shampoos and conditioners especially for brunettes.



7/19/2006 12:08:58 AM
Tia said:

excellent tips!! use them everyone!

1/17/2007 9:09:56 AM
maddie said:

can you do the underlying pigment by yourself?


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