Women's Hairstyles: The Face Lift

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Women's Hairstyles: The Face Lift

No, we're not talking plastic surgery here. Instead the focus is on the trend in women's hairstyles to sweep your locks back off your face.

For a night out, or just to glam your long hairstyle up a bit, use some strong hold volumizing mousse and a very large round brush. Divide medium sized sections of the top and sides of your hair. Next, wrap the roots of your hair and the first three to four inches of your hair around the brush. Hold against the scalp and, holding your blow dryer approximately and inch and a half to two inches away, point nozzle of dryer at your hair and dry. Unless you're an expert at using round brushes it's not recommended to wrap the entire length of your hair around the brush as it's very easy for long hair to get tangled up in the brush. A perfect example how this women's hairstyle works look at Angelina Jolie's hairstyle and her Hollywood style swept back hair.

Have shorter hair? This women's hairstyle trick can work wonders for you as well. Use a firm holding hair gel with shine enhancers and, with a vent brush, style back off the face. Make sure to concentrate on getting volume at the roots by lifting the first few inches up and away from the head while styling. If needed, secure sides with glittery barrettes for added pizzazz. For a visual on how this women's hairstyle looks try looking for Sela Ward's hairstyle at an event. Casual yet sophisticated!



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